As an e-tailer, shipping 📦  is at the heart 💗 of your business. It’s what puts your products right into your customers’ eager hands. At Volusion, we make it easy by allowing you to generate shipping labels right from the order details page. All you have to do is click the appropriate shipping service link — FedEx or DHL — in the Shipping Labels section. Note that we currently have a special USPS label printing feature in beta.

Configuring Label Settings

Once you've chosen which label to generate, you can configure order weight, dimensions, and other shipping settings.

Note that you'll need to enter a phone number for both the shipping origin and destination settings near the top of this page if not already provided. Otherwise, you'll get an error when you try to obtain a label. You can manually enter phone numbers on this page, if needed.

You can also configure your shipping origin phone number to appear on all shipping labels within your store, so that you don't have to take this step every time you generate a label. Go to Settings > Config Variables and perform a search for the term "phone" in the Name field. Enter your phone number in the Ship From Phone Number field, then click Save.

When the settings for the shipping label have been configured, click the Get Label button at the bottom of the Order page.

The shipping label configuration page will reload and will present a link marked View/Print Label at the top of the page. Click on this link to view and print the label from your browser.

When finished, click your browser's back button to return to the shipping label configuration page. Click on Back to Order near the top of the page to return to your store's order details page.

Additional Information

Label printing features are supported for FedEx and DHL only. Note that Volusion's label printing feature does not create paid postage, so you'll still need to pay your carrier(s) for postage. If your store offers USPS methods exclusively, you can export order information to generate postage using Volusion's integration with Endicia DAZzle. We have a special USPS label printing feature in beta that does create paid postage.

To remove a generated label/tracking number from an order, simply click the X icon located next to the View/Print Label link in the shipping configuration page. If you generate FedEx labels to be printed on thermal label printers, be sure to select the Thermal Printer option next to the Get Label button on the shipping label configuration page before generating the label.


Experience stress-free shipping by generating labels right from your store! Done and done. 

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