Note: This article covers functionality for a legacy feature that we no longer offer for new customers.

Volusion's Live Chat feature gives your customers a way to communicate with you in real time. There's no software to install, and it works across all platforms and operating systems. With Volusion Live Chat, you'll be able to engage shoppers one-on-one and boost sales in the process!

For information on specific Live Chat settings, see Volusion Live Chat Settings.

Integrating Volusion Live Chat With Your Store 🏗️

Volusion Live Chat is entirely web-based, so all you need to do is copy and paste the code directly into your Volusion store theme. There's no software for you or your customers to download or install!

Getting the Code

  1. Log in to your Volusion Live Chat account at

  2. Make sure Settings is selected on the left, then click Get Started in the top navigation menu.

  3. Click Get the Code, then click Copy to Clipboard on the next page.

Note: If you'd like to use a custom logo in your chat window, see the instructions below.

Installing the Code

  1. In your Volusion Admin Area, go to Design > File Editor and click the template.html file in the Shortcuts menu on the right.

  2. Scroll down to the section containing the footer:
    <div id="footer">.

  3. Paste the Live Chat code directly above the closing body tag:

  4. Save your changes.

  5. After the code is installed, go back into the Live Chat and click Login to Chat Client.

  6. You'll be logged in automatically with your Live Chat credentials.

After you've placed the code in your store's theme, you'll want to make sure everything's working properly!

Testing the Chat Button

  1. Click the View Store icon at the top of your Admin Area near the Volusion logo. You should see the default green Chat button* floating on the side of your storefront.

  2. Click the Chat button to begin a test chat.

  3. At this point, there should be two windows open - one on your storefront and one in Live Chat.

  4. Test the customer chat window and the agent chat window by entering a message and a response.

  1. In your Volusion Admin Area, go to Design > File Editor and click template.html in the Shortcuts menu on the right.

  2. Scroll down to the Live Chat code you pasted into your theme.

  3. Insert the following lines of script directly below the // Place your Volusion Live Chat JS API code below portion of the Live Chat code and click Save.


Uploading Your Logo Image

You must replace "INSERTURLHERE" in the above script with the file path of your logo image. The dimensions of the logo image must be 330px by 50px. For more information on uploading and hosting an image on your store, see How to Use Your Volusion FTP (SFTP) Account.

Using Volusion Live Chat 🗣️

There are plenty of tools and features available in Live Chat to keep you connected to your customers.

Adding Agents

When you sign up with Live Chat, you'll receive one agent that will be assigned to the email address you signed up with. Depending on the Live Chat plan you purchase, you can add more agents as follows:

  1. Select Agent Settings from the top navigation menu.

  2. Make sure the Chat Agents tab is selected, then click Add Chat Agent.

  3. To select the image or logo that will appear in a customer's chat window when speaking with this agent, click Upload Photo below the silhouette icon. Browse your computer's files to select and upload an image, then click Save.

  4. Select a chat system from the Chat System menu (Recommended: Volusion Live Chat Chat Portal).

  5. Enter the Account Email associated with the new agent.

  6. Choose an Alias (the name that will appear to customers for this agent).

  7. When you're finished, click Save.

Your new agent is now set up and ready to chat! Volusion Live Chat agents will receive an email with instructions for logging in (unless there is already an account associated with the email address - in which case, the agent will use the same credentials they were already using).

Customizing Agents

There are a several additional settings you can configure under the Chat Assignment tab:

  • Set the maximum number of chats an agent can manage at once

  • Set incoming chats to send a notification to all agents or to be automatically assigned to a specific agent

  • Enable chats to be reassigned to a different agent

  • Configure Live Chat to display an "Unavailable" message when the queue reaches a certain number

  • Choose an auto response message to display during long delays, and allow visitors to leave a message

  • Schedule Live Chat hours (and days) of operation


You can create canned responses to save you from having to type common replies every time you engage a chat.

  1. Click the Shortcuts tab at the top of the Agent Settings section.

  2. Click Add New Shortcut.

  3. In the Command column, enter the command word that will prompt the shortcut and insert the canned response.

  4. In the Message field, enter the full message that the shortcut will generate. For example, you might enter "How" as the Command, and "How may I help you today?" as the Message.

  5. Click Save Changes.


Agents can type Shortcuts into the chat window in a few different ways:

  • Typing a backslash ("\") into the agent chat window will allow you to select from a list of the customized Shortcuts. Once you select a shortcut, its Message will populate in the chat window. You can edit the shortcut Message further before sending it to the customer.

  • Typing a forward slash ("/") followed by the Command text and hitting your Enter/Return key will automatically send the shortcut Message to the customer (without the opportunity to edit the message before sending).

  • Typing a shortcut Command without a slash will display a shortcut selector above the text. You do not have to select the shortcut (in cases when you want to use the actual word and not the Command).

Proactive Chat

With the Proactive Chat feature enabled, Live Chat will automatically invite shoppers to chat with you after they've been on your site for a designated amount of time. You can also set other conditions that trigger the Proactive Chat feature, such as time of day, the number of pages a shopper has visited on your site or the amount of time they've been browsing.

To configure this feature, make sure Settings is selected on the left, then click Proactive Chat from the top navigation menu.

Before enabling, make sure you have the latest version of Proactive Chat (see above image). If you still have an older version, click Upgrade at the top of the page.

  1. Check the box to Enable Proactive Chat When a Chat Agent is Online.

  2. To set conditions that will cause the Proactive Chat to appear to shoppers, click Edit next to the first trigger.

  3. By default, the Proactive Chat will appear on all pages of your site, as indicated by the "http*//*" in the Page Url Is Exactly field (the * character is a wildcard that represents all other characters). You can also set the Proactive Chat to appear or not appear on a specific page by entering its URL in place of "http*//*". To configure additional settings for specific pages, click the "+" icon to add new conditions one at a time.

  4. To set the number of seconds a shopper needs to be on the page before they're prompted to chat, choose Time on Page from the conditions menu and enter a time in seconds (minimum of 15 seconds). If you decide not to use Time on Page (or any other condition) as a trigger for Proactive Chat to appear, you can delete that condition by clicking the "-" icon.

  5. To choose the message that will display to shoppers when the chat window first greets them, enter your desired text into the Send the Following Message on Behalf of an Available Chat Agent field.

  6. When you're finished, click Save Changes.

After you've set up Proactive Chat, you'll want to test it on your storefront to make sure everything is configured properly!

Please note that if you set up multiple Proactive Chat conditions, they'll be called from bottom to top. If you set a global (catch-all) rule, you'll want that to appear at the top of the list so individual sub-page conditions will function when appropriate.


By default, the Volusion Live Chat button is green, and is configured to float at the left edge of the browser window. You can re-style the button a number of different ways to fit your preferences and your storefront.

  • Change the button's color

  • Change the position of the button

  • Upload your own unique button by clicking Change Image

  • If you'd prefer to hide the floating button altogether, click Change Image and choose No Image at the bottom of the list.

You can also change the color and style of the chat window. Simply click Change Chat Box and select a new one from the menu.


In the Options tab under the Settings menu, you can configure Widgets (think of these as departments; e.g. Sales, Support, etc.), pre-chat and offline options, Live Chat hours of operation schedule, weekly stats emails and more!

Message and Chat Transcript Delivery Preferences

With the Live Chat Email integration, you can have chat transcripts and missed chats sent directly to your preferred help desk or CRM platform.

  1. Click Integrations under the Settings tab.

  2. Enter the email address(es) you'd like to forward each Chat Transcript or Offline Message to. Be sure to separate multiple addresses with a comma.

  3. Click to expand the Advanced section if you need to apply any additional settings.

  4. Click Save.

How to View Details for a Specific Chat

If you want to view the time, details, and transcript for a specific chat, you can do so from your Live Chat account.

  1. Select Logs from the left-hand navigation.

  2. In the Chat Logs list, locate the chat you want to view more details for. You can find a chat by email address or by date and time.

  3. When you've located the chat you want to view, click the Chat link in the far left column.

  4. A new tab will open with the chat's details, including a chat transcript near the bottom.

What Your Shoppers See

In order to initiate a chat, visitors to your store will need to click the Chat button that appears on the page they're viewing.

What Your Agents See

Live Chat users will see the Agent Window when they're engaged in a chat with a shopper. The window provides a snapshot of the shopper's details, including their location, the platform or browser they're using, the number of times they've visited your site and/or engaged in a chat, and the URL they initiated the current chat from.


I’m using a Mac. Is Live Chat compatible with my system?

Yes, our Live Chat software runs entirely in your web browser and is independent from your operating system. It is compatible across PC, Mac, and iPhone and Android mobile devices.

What is an "agent"?

An agent refers to an account user. You set up each agent within Live Chat (for example, and

Can I customize the appearance of my chat window?

Absolutely. You can upload your own logo and use any "Click to Chat" icon you’d like.

What happens if a customer has questions when I’m offline?

If your Live Chat status is Offline, your shoppers will be prompted to email you with their questions. Make sure the email address you provide upon setup is the one you want customer emails to be delivered to.


Live Chat is a surefire way to keep your customers connected with your store. By having agents around to answer questions, shoppers will feel even more secure about spending money with your business.

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