Totals and reports may not be the most fun part of running your store, but how else will you know how much money you’ve made! 💰💰💰

If you find the totals on your Volusion Dashboard aren’t adding up correctly, 😣  it may be because the figures for calculating the Dashboard reports are cached to your local hard drive, and these are used instead of the current figures. 

FIX 1: Clear Your Cookies & Cache

To solve this problem, simply clear the cookies and cache in your browser. Since how to do this will vary for each browser and version, we recommend you search online for the instructions that are relevant to you.

FIX 2: Recalculate Your Dashboard

If your totals still do not add up after clearing your cookies and cache, you may need to recalculate your dashboard. To do this, simply add the following text to the end of the URL while on the home page of your Admin Area:


After you have added the text above to the admin area home page URL, the URL should look like this:

This will recalculate your dashboard and should cause the totals to display correctly.


You should be able to count on the accuracy of your reports. So when your numbers just don’t add up the way they should, that’s just plain frustrating.😟  But with these two quick fixes, you should be back in business in no time! 😀 

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