At Volusion, we can support both small and large ecommerce businesses. Whether you have just a few files that make up your store or massive amounts that you might need to access at one time, we’ve got you covered. 🗄️ 📁 📁 📁

When you use an FTP client to access your store's files, you'll be able to view a maximum of 200,000 files at a time in any given directory. If you need to view even more files than that, you can also access your FTP through your computer's command line interface. We’ll tell you how.

⚠️  But first, heads up! This method is only recommended for advanced computer users. If you need to access an excessive amount of files but don’t feel your web development skills are up to snuff, get a web programmer to help you out! 👨‍💻

Step 1: Access the Command Line Interface

To get started, copy and paste this URL into your web browser address bar:


There, click Save File to download the PSFTP client, making sure to note the name of the directory you saved the file to.

To access your FTP using the command line interface:

1. Open a command prompt window. (On a PC, hold down the keyboard combination of Windows key + R to open the Run line, then type "cmd" and click OK.)

2. Use the command prompt to select the folder where you saved the "psftp.exe" file. For example, if you saved the file to your desktop, you'll type the following: 

cd c:/users/your_name/desktop

Replace "your_name" with your user name for this machine, then hit the Enter key.

3. Once you're in the folder that contains the PSFTP application, type the following to open a connection with Volusion's SFTP protocol, then hit the Enter key:

PSFTP -P 2222

Replace "" with your store's domain name, servertrust, or IP address, then hit the Enter key.

4. You'll see a prompt to accept the unknown host key; type "y" to do so, then hit Enter.

5. Enter your FTP username when prompted.

6. Enter your FTP password when prompted.

Once you've connected to the SFTP protocol, you can use typical FTP commands in the command line interface to upload, download, and navigate through your files. 

Note that some users find it beneficial for usability to create a special folder on the C: drive and save the psftp.exe file in it. This makes manually typing the file path easier when following the instructions above.


No job’s too big for you and Volusion! With the Command Line Interface, you can access hundreds of thousands of files all at once. How’s that for heavy lifting?

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