This article contains basic troubleshooting tips for merchants who are unable to connect to the FTP. Be sure to follow the steps in both "How to Set Up Your Volusion FTP (SFTP) Account" and "How to Use Your Volusion FTP (SFTP) Account" before proceeding.

Lost FTP Username or Password

If you have lost or do not have the FTP username or password for your store, it can be obtained by logging in to your account at

  1. In, click Manage FTP link the my Stores heading in the left navigation menu.

  2. Select the domain name for your store.

  3. The username for the account will be visible within the account settings.

  4. Click on the View link to view the account's password.*

  5. Be sure to log out of when you are finished.

*Be sure that both your username and your password are at least eight characters long, and contain at least three of the following four character types:

  • uppercase letter

  • lowercase letter

  • numeral

  • special character

Error Connecting to FTP Account

If you get an error when attempting to log in to an FTP account and have confirmed that your username and password are correct, there may be an issue with the way your FTP program or connection is configured.

First, make sure that your connection is configured to use SFTP, the secure FTP protocol. You can select a protocol when configuring your FTP client connection for the first time; it's usually located in a tab or field labeled Security. If you're using Filezilla, you can use as a subdomain as it is pointed to your SFTP host IP using an A record.

Next, make sure your connection is set to use port 2222. This is the TCP port that your FTP program should use to connect to your store's FTP server with. Configuring this setting differs from one FTP program to another (see "How to Use Your Volusion FTP (SFTP) Account" for instructions on configuring the port number in the FileZilla and FireFTP clients).

Can Connect to FTP but Can't Upload Files

If connecting to and downloading from your FTP server appears normal but you are unable to upload files, it is possible the permissions for the FTP account are set to Read Only. To fix this:

  1. Log in to and click Manage FTP under the my Stores heading.

  2. Select the store name from the Choose Domain menu.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Make sure the Read and Write options are selected and click Save.

Your FTP account should now allow files to be uploaded and downloaded. Be sure to log out of your account when finished.

Connection Timeout When Viewing a Specific Directory

Note that when you're viewing the contents of an individual directory (folder) in your FTP, you can see a maximum of 200,000 files at one time. If you need to view more than 200,000 files in a specific folder, see "How to Access the FTP Through Command Line Interface" for further instructions.

Note that most FTP clients have a connection timeout threshold; if the folder you're viewing contains a large number of files, you may need to reset this threshold in order to prevent the server connection from timing out while your files load.

To change the timeout setting in FileZilla, click Edit > Settings and locate the Timeout in seconds field.

To change the timeout setting in FireFTP, click Tools > Options, then select the Connections tab and locate the Network timeout field.

Other Issues

If you are having issues connecting to your FTP account beyond the scope of this article, you may be experiencing issues related to your local network or ISP. One way of testing this is to attempt to log in to any other non-Volusion FTP account using your preferred FTP software. If you are experiencing issues with this, contact your internet service provider or a local network technician for further assistance.

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