TrueShip offers Volusion merchants a custom Volusion Module for complete integration with the TrueShip ReadyShipper: a premium multi-carrier system with tools to import, organize and ship your Volusion orders! Getting things from A to B has never been easier.

The custom Volusion Module makes importing your orders to the ReadyShipper simple and fast. Ideal for small and medium sized ecommerce businesses, TrueShip enhances your current shipping and fulfillment practices without costing unreasonable amounts of time or money!

ReadyShipper allows you to use FedEx, UPS and/or USPS as your shipping carrier(s), and is pre-integrated with each carrier to allow you to input your current carrier account information and pay for postage right on the ReadyShipper screen.

ReadyShipper’s other features include international shipping support, USB scale integration, advanced automaters (that can be used to validate addresses, batch update orders and convert orders to use different shipping carriers at will), an auto-saving product information database and the Auto-Importer to import orders. Seem like a lot? No worries: we'll explain more below!

More complete information about the many capabilities of the TrueShip ReadyShipper can be found in TrueShip’s product documentation, demos, and manuals at


Getting Started 🏃

To get started, you need to download the ReadyShipper from When you get to the ReadyShipper page, you should add the ReadyShipper Professional to your cart and checkout. The ReadyShipper will save your payment information to charge your monthly ReadyShipper cost!

Once you've downloaded the ReadyShipper, you should install it with the instructions on your page. After the installation has finished, you will be asked to Choose [a] ReadyShipper version; go ahead and select I already have a ReadyShipper Pro License.

(Can't find your License Key? No prob! Just log in to your TrueShip My Account center, click Review Orders / Track Packages under the My Orders header, then click the View My Order button next to your ReadyShipper order. On the Order Details screen, you will find your License Key listed beside Order Comments.)

Back at ReadyShipper, you'll be asked to make choices about which carriers you would like to integrate, and you'll be prompted to sign up or enter your carrier account information during the ReadyShipper setup.

The Volusion Module 💻

Now you need to download and install the Volusion Module to your computer. You can find a link to download the module from within your ReadyShipper screen. Go to Modules > Get ReadyModules to open up TrueShip's website. Find the Volusion Module, and click Buy It Now.

Your ReadyShipper account includes one free ecommerce module. If the Volusion Module is the only ecommerce module you need, you won't need to spend a dime! If, however, you need to download modules for other platforms (such as eBay or Amazon), you can still save: just use the coupon code "VolusionPROMO" to get the Volusion Module for free. Once you've placed your order for the Volusion Module, download it to your desktop and double click on its icon to install!

Once installed, open up your ReadyShipper window. The module is instantly integrated and ready to use, and you will now see Volusion in the Modules menu.

To complete integration with Volusion, log in to your store's Admin Area and get your Order URL. This Order URL will be pasted into the Settings screen for the Volusion Module.

Generating the Order URL 🤖

To get the Order URL:

  1. In your Admin Area, go to Inventory > Volusion API.
  2. Click Run to the left of the Generic\Orders text, under the Generic heading.
  3. Select the Select Columns box for the " * " Column Name (should be the first row of the table) and click Run.
  4. You'll now have the option to Download or use this URL: with a long URL in the blank that follows. Copy and past this entire URL to your clipboard.
  5. Reset your export by selecting a Date from the Reset Generic Orders dropdown and clicking Reset Export.

You'll now be set to input your Order URL into your TrueShip ReadyShipper!

Where to Use the Order URL 🤔

Note that you should already have the Volusion Module downloaded and installed on your computer to use these steps to complete your store integration with TrueShip!

  1. Open the ReadyShipper window.
  2. Go to Modules > Volusion > Settings to open the Volusion Account Settings window.
  3. Paste the Order URL that you retrieved from your Volusion administration area (above) into the Volusion Order URL field.
  4. Choose which orders you would like the ReadyShipper to automatically retrieve by typing the order status(es) into the Ready to Ship Order Status field, separated by a comma and a space. Note that you must use the valid preset Order Statuses used for Volusion orders (New, Pending, Processing, Ready to Ship, etc.).
  5. If you would like the ReadyShipper to import drop-shipped products, check the Import Products Marked as Drop-shipped box.
  6. Click Save.

You are now ready to import orders from Volusion to the ReadyShipper and start shipping orders!

Notes on Using the Volusion Module in the ReadyShipper ✏️

Updating Your Volusion Order URL

Volusion is fully PCI/CISP Certified, a feature which includes a high degree of guaranteed security to protect your business. This certification requires that merchants be forced to use a password that passes a minimum required password strength, and change their password every 90 days. Since the Volusion Order URL includes your encrypted admin password, you will need to update/reset your Volusion Order URL whenever you change your administrator password. Use the same steps as above to update your Volusion Order URL.

Resetting Your Generic\Orders Export

If you've never run the Generic\Orders Export without a WHERE clause before, your store may not have a Reset button. In this case, it is not necessary to Reset the export for the integration with TrueShip's ReadyShipper to function.

Custom Fields and the Volusion Order URL

If Custom Fields are modified for your Orders table, you may begin to experience issues with the functionality of your Generic\Orders export. To correct this, you will need to get into your store's FTP and access the /vspfiles/schema/generic directory to delete the Orders.xsd file. Once that file is deleted, you can regenerate the Generic\Orders export URL. The Volusion Order URL should now regain functionality and will now include the Custom Fields information.


The Volusion Module for TrueShip’s ReadyShipper makes moving your orders into the ReadyShipper shipping manager screen easy and quick! With the many other integrations available with the ReadyShipper, you will be able to pay for postage, get a tracking code and send updated order information back to Volusion, all from the ReadyShipper screen.

After you paste the Volusion Order URL into ReadyShipper, you are done configuring your Volusion store. Everything for your labels, package sizes, product packing lists, postage and many other settings can be configured in the ReadyShipper. Use the ReadyShipper documentation to find out just how much you can do with the ReadyShipper and Volusion!

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