With Volusion, you have the option to add email accounts and storage to your monthly hosting plan. This allows you to create a set of consistently-named email addresses for your Volusion store using the format mailboxname@domainname.com.

Note: Volusion must be your DNS and/or email host before you proceed! 

Creating an Email Address

  1. Log in to my.volusion.com.

  2. Click Manage Email below the my Stores heading in the left navigation menu.

  3. If you have more than one domain, make the appropriate selection from the Email Accounts drop-down menu.

  4. Click Add to create a new email address. A dialog box will open.

  5. Complete all fields and select the Active check box and click Create.

Create an Alias

An alias presents a particular email address to customers with a different name. For example, if you wanted all help-related questions to wind up in the yourname@yourstore.com inbox, you could create a help@yourstore.com alias for that email. Here's how to get one set up:

  1. On the MyVolusion email account management page, click the Add button above Aliases.

  2. Enter a unique name for the alias.

  3. Enter the mailbox or mailboxes where you want emails sent to this alias to be forwarded. You can also add email addresses that do not belong to this domain – for example, store.owner@gmail.com. To add multiple emails in the To: box, separate each email with a comma and no spaces.

  4. Click Create.


Once you've set up your mailboxes, you're ready to connect to your Volusion email account. Now you can contact customers with a unique address straight from your store.

If you want to manage your email through a specific third-party client like Gmail, you can find the relevant mail server settings here. You can also configure Volusion email for your mobile device.

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