Volusion's nifty Easy Editor lets you create HTML content to edit your storefront, product descriptions, homepage and more! This article will teach you how to make the most of your editor, to keep your store looking amazing.

Admin Area Editing

Most fields that accept HTML in your Admin Area come equipped with the Easy Editor tool. These fields include product and category descriptions, article bodies, and newsletter bodies.

Wherever an editable HTML field exists, you can use the Easy Editor's tool bar to format text, add links, and insert images.

Easy, right? Read on to learn even more!

Storefront Editing Tools

You can modify content directly from your storefront by hovering over any editable area. Once you see the area outlined in blue, click Edit. You'll know that you're ready to go once you see the blue dotted line appear around the content area!

Image Swapping

You can use Easy Editor to update images and graphics throughout the storefront. Note: images inserted into the Image Swap dialog box must be in a .gif format!

Page Text Editing

You can easily edit more text on your site by hovering over content and clicking Edit. This will open a dashed line area where you can type in replacement text!

Click the check mark icon to save your changes, or click the "x" icon to cancel the changes if you change your mind!

On certain templates, you can make edits to your header and footer directly from the storefront. To edit, hover over these areas and click so Edit. Once you see the dotted blue border, you can edit the text. When you're finished, click the check mark icon to save your changes!


Making changes your store doesn't have to be a massive undertaking that requires fancy CSS know-how. With our simple Easy Editor tool, you can customize your store with just a few clicks!

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