ReferralCandy harnesses the power of referral marketing and eCommerce trust building to drive new sales for your store! Setting up incentives for your customers to invite their friends and contacts to visit and purchase from your storefront can build consumer trust and grow your business.

By connecting with your Volusion store, ReferralCandy is able to automate referral campaigns to offer current customers an easy way to earn rewards simply by exercising their powerful peer influence!

Sign Up for ReferralCandy

To get started, visit and select Volusion as your store's eCommerce platform. You'll need to enter some information, including your Volusion store's name and URL. Note that the email you sign up with will appear as the sender of all of your referral campaign emails, so you will want to use one of your store domain email addresses (and not a personal email).

ReferralCandy Account Setup

After you sign up for ReferralCandy, you'll be directed to complete the simple ReferralCandy setup wizard:

  1. On the Settings screen of the setup wizard, you can customize your referral campaign settings, including creating a unique coupon link.

  2. On the Logo screen, upload your store logo. The recommended dimensions are 150px wide by 50px tall.

  3. On the Discounts setup screen, fill in the discount information for your customers to give to their friends, and the discount information for your customers' rewards. Note that you will need to create these coupons within your Volusion Admin Area for them to be usable by customers. You can follow the instructions on the setup wizard page, or see "Creating a Coupon" below if you do not want to set up coupons during the setup process.

  4. On the Preview Themes screen, you can customize the themes for the initial referral invitation email, the coupon landing page that is sent to friends and contacts, and the reward email to thank your customers for referring their friends.

  5. On the Payment page, enter your credit card or PayPal account information for billing purposes. There is a 30-day free trial during which your card will not be charged. As pricing can be subject to change, you should check the ReferralCandy website for information about monthly and commission pricing.

  6. The Volusion Integration page will walk you through setting up your ReferralCandy account for use with Volusion. You should follow the instructions on this screen at this time, but if you do not use those instructions at the time of setup, you can see "Integration With Your Volusion Store" below for details.

  7. Lastly, there will be a verification link send in an email to your account's email address. Simply click the verification link to complete your ReferralCandy account setup!

Integration With Your Volusion Store

Below are the settings that you will need to change within your Volusion store's Admin Area.

  1. Go to Settings > Company and click More below the Email field.

  2. In your account, go to Campaign > Campaign Details tab, and copy the Dropbox email address from the Volusion Integration section of the page.

  3. Paste the Dropbox email address into the CC Orders To field and click Save.

  4. In your account, go to Campaign > Campaign Details and copy the Tracking tag for order confirmation page script in its entirety.

  5. Go to Design > Site Content and click on Article ID 130.

  6. Paste the <script> code from ReferralCandy into the Article Body field and Save.

Your store should now be configured to work with your ReferralCandy account to automate your referral campaigns!

Creating a Coupon

These coupons will be entered on the Campaign > Campaign Details screen of your account page.

  1. In your Admin Area, go to Marketing > Coupons/Discounts and click Add.

  2. Enter the Coupon Code that you will be providing in your Referral bonus email.

  3. Set the Name, Discount Type, and Discount Value based on how much and what kind of discount you would like to offer your referring customer. Click Save when finished.

  4. Repeat this process by adding a new coupon for your Friend Incentive email.

  5. When finished, go to and visit Campaign > Campaign Details to enter the coupon information for your referral campaign.

Activate Your Referral Campaign

If you haven't already, log in to and click the Campaign tab at the top of your dashboard screen. Select Activate from the Status menu at the top of the page to begin your automated campaign.


When should I change my coupons or coupon codes?

Though coupon reward codes are sent only to customers who refer friends (and to the friends they refer), the coupon codes can be used by anyone who finds out about those codes. For that reason, you may want to change the coupon codes monthly (or periodically) to ensure that the same coupon codes cannot be mass distributed outside of your referral campaign for too long.

Do the rewards build if multiple referrals purchase?

The rewards do not build if you get multiple referrals. The ReferralCandy application will only send the reward coupon code to the original customer once. You will want to ensure that your coupons are set to One Time Use Coupon and Cannot Be Used With Any Other Coupon, or the referring customer will be able to continue to use the reward coupon as often as they purchase with your store.

If you would like to allow your customers to use the coupon codes multiple times, leave One Time Use Coupon unchecked.

What are the API Access ID and Secret Key fields for?

On your > Settings page, you will see fields with an API Access ID and API Secret Key. These are used by merchants who need access to the ReferralCandy API. Generally these fields will only be used if you want to heavily customize your referral campaigns by using a personal development team to implement their requirements.


ReferralCandy is a service that lets you turn your current customers into an active, personalized sales team to expand your customer base and increase the visibility of your business! Getting started with ReferralCandy and integration with your Volusion store is simple and the rewards have the potential to be great!

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