By default, the IDs for certain values within your Volusion store begin at a low number. However, customizing where these numbers begin is easy as 1, 2, 3. Choose your base number for Customer IDs, Order IDs, Purchase Order IDs and RMA IDs so that they’re easier for you to keep track of.

⚠️  Good to Know: 

  • IDs within your store can be increased, but they cannot be decreased

  • Increasing IDs does not affect data already in the system; only new data created within the specified table

  • There is no limit to the number of times IDs for any of the 4 tables can be increased

  • Any changes you make are permanent 

  • You’ll need to close your store while you make updates to your IDs (During this time, customers will see your store’s maintenance message when they visit your domain)

How To Increase ID Numbers

From your store's Admin Dashboard, go to Settings > Maintenance.

Click the Close My Store button.

Click on the Auto-Increment Current OrderID Numbers link.

From the Table menu, select the group of IDs you want to increase. You can choose from Order IDs, Purchase Order numbers, Return Merchandise Agreement numbers and Customer IDs. (In this example, we have chosen Order IDs)

From the Numbers to add, select the interval to add to the table's IDs (1, 10, 100, or 1000) and then click Add This Value.

The numbers in the Numbers To Add dropdown menu will increase your record IDs by the value shown. 1 will add 1, 10 will add 10, etc. For example, if your most recent Order ID is 50, the next order placed in your store will be assigned an ID of 1051 if you choose to increase the Order IDs table by 1000; the following orders will have IDs of 1052, 1053, etc. They can be combined to increase by a number not readily listed. To add 161 to your record IDs, choose 100 once, 10 six times and 1 one time. These changes must be done individually.

Once you have clicked the Add This Value link, a message box will appear showing you the ID for the next created record.

Return to the Maintenance page by choosing Settings > Maintenance from the Admin Dashboard menu and click Open My Store. You store is now open, and your record ID changes are implemented.

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