Custom fields let you ask customers questions when they wrap up their orders, such as "How did you find us?", "What products are you interested in?" and "How was your shopping experience?"

Setting Up Custom Fields

To configure custom questions using Volusion's Custom Fields functions:

1. Log in to your Admin Area and go to Settings > Custom Fields.

2. Click on the ID number of a custom field entry to edit an existing field or click Add to create a new one. There are two types of custom fields that can be created: Customers-based, which provide questions asked once when a customer registers with the store and Orders-based which present questions to customers each time they create an order.

3. Select a field type from the Table Name menu.

4. In the custom field's settings, set Alias to something related to the question (for example, "HowFound" if the question is "How did you find us?")

5. Enter the appropriate question in the Question field (for example, the prompt the customer sees, such as "How did you find our site?")*

6. Optionally, you can enter additional text into the Question Sub Text field to provide customers an instructional prompt for the custom field (for example, suggested answers). This is displayed after the field.

7. Now, select the Input Type:

  • Textbox: to provide a textbox customers can type a response into

  • Checkbox: to provide options for users to click on (such as "I agree to these terms")

  • Dropdown: to provide a drop-down list of possible responses

8. Enter a value for the Input Max Length field to define the maximum number of characters customers can enter in the textbox. This is a required field, so you must enter a value even if you selected the Checkbox or Dropdown Input Type. In these cases, the value you enter has no impact on the field.

9. Enter a numeric value into the Placement Order field to define the order in which this field will appear, in relation to any other custom fields you create.

10. Check the Is Required option to force customers to enter some value into the custom field.

11. Enable the Is Public? option to display this custom field to customers. Uncheck to hide. The default is hide.

12. Click the Show On Invoices option if you want to display the content of all custom fields on a customer's invoice.

13. When finished, click Save.

* While the Question Subtext field supports HTML, the Question field does not. The following characters are not valid in the Question field, and may cause errors at checkout: " > < ; '

Note that if you choose the Dropdown input type, a list of options for the drop-down menu must be provided for customers to choose from. To do this, click on the Filter menu on the Custom Fields table and choose Custom Fields Dropdown Values.

Click Add to begin creating a drop-down field value.

  1. From the Custom Fields ID menu, select the custom field you wish to apply the drop-down option to.

  2. Enter a Title for this option. This is what will be displayed in the drop-down list.

  3. Enter a Value. This is the value that will be recorded when this option is selected.

  4. Enter a numeric value into the Placement Order field to define where this option will appear within the drop-down list.

  5. Click Save to create the value.

Repeat this process to create additional drop-down values.

Customer Responses

Both Customer and Order fields are displayed on the checkout page. The Customer fields, however, are only displayed during a customer's first order.

After the first order has been placed, the customer's responses to the Customer custom fields can be found in their account page, in the Custom Fields section.

The responses to the Order custom fields are displayed in the associated order page, in the Marketing section. Note that these can be changed on this page.

If you select Show on Invoices for any of these fields, the Question and the Response is displayed in a section entitled Additional Information at the top of invoice. For drop-downs, the Question and Value display.

Please note that customers may receive an error upon checkout if the text they input into the custom field exceeds the Input Max Length character limit.

Note there can be a maximum of 15 custom fields in your store. This can be 15 custom order fields, 15 custom customer fields, or a combination of both!

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