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There are a number of customizable elements on your storefront checkout page. You can edit some of the most commonly used checkout variables by going to Settings > Config Variables in your Admin Area and selecting Checkout Variables from the Filter dropdown.

Require CVV2 Security Number displays the Security Code field as a required value, unless you’re using the Authorize and Capture at Shipping gateway setting; collecting security codes with this configuration is prohibited by payment card companies, so it’s not available as an option.

Require Credit Card Issue Date and Require Credit Card Issue Number are useful for international merchants whose payment card processing services require these values.

Enable Electronic Checking Account Type and Enable Electronic Checking Account Number are for merchants who wish to accept electronic check payments, and who have made the proper arrangements to do so at Settings > Payment.

Enable Coupon Codes displays the Coupon Code field on the shopping cart page so customers can input a coupon code.

Enable Customer Comments in Orders displays the Order Comments field. Text entered here is shown in the Order Notes tab of the order details page.

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