One of the beauties of having your own store is you can set it up and change it around however and whenever you like. 😃

By default, all stores are set to immediately publish changes automatically. However, you’ll see a Publish button in your Admin Area navigation bar (to the right of the Settings menu), if you’ve turned off immediate publishing: 

This usually means you’ve made changes under the Design menu that are not yet displayed on your storefront. 

Why Disable Immediate Publishing?

Turning off the automatic Immediate Publish feature gives you time to double check your changes to make sure they are correct or approve an administrator’s work before it goes public.

If you would like to turn off automatic Immediate Publish feature, clear the checkbox and save. You can then choose when to make changes live by pressing the Publish button at your convenience.

If the Publish button displays and the Enable Immediate Publish checkbox is selected, you can safely ignore the Publish button; your changes will publish automatically.

Changed Your Mind? No Problem!

If you want to turn immediate publishing back on …

  1. Go to Settings > Config Variables.

  2. Select the Enable Immediate Publish checkbox.

  3. Click Save.

And voilà! Your latest work will be on display to your visitors right away. 


Making changes to your store is easy with Volusion. What’s more is you have complete control of when your changes go into effect by enabling or disabling the Immediate Publish feature. Control freaks rejoice! 🎉

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