Merchants who are based in the United States can take advantage of the automatic tax integration. 

Enabling Automatic Tax Rates

  1. Go to Settings > Tax in the Admin Area.

  2. Click the three-dot menu button at the top right to open the Tax Settings popup.

  3. Under "Are you based in the United States?" select Yes.

  4. Select Use automatic rates.

  5. Choose whether you want to charge Tax on Shipping costs. (See Tax on Shipping below.)

  6. Click Save.

Add an Automatic Tax Rate

To create an automatic tax rates for a state, click Add at the top of the page to open the Add Tax Rate popup and make a selection from the State and Business Postal Code dropdown menus. Click Add to close the pop-up and add the tax rate to your store.

Note About Tax Calculation

Volusion's automated tax feature will charge customers based on their shipping state and zip code.

Customizing Automatic Tax Display on Your Storefront

Tax Level Display

By default, your customers will see tax displayed as a single, combined rate at checkout. You may want to display all available tax levels to your customers in an itemized fashion. To enable an itemized display of taxes at checkout, go to Settings > Config Variables and enable Display Tax Breakdown to Customer.

This will split out the tax rates on the Shopping Cart and One Page Checkout pages of your storefront.

This will also split out the tax rates in the order confirmation email that your store sends to the customer. Note that the individual tax rates will always display in the Details section of the Order Details page.

Tax Name Display

To change the text for the word “tax” on your storefront, go to Design > Page Text. Scroll to Page Text ID 734. Change the word "tax" here to update how it appears on your storefront. Note that this Page Text controls the label for the combined tax as well as the label for the individual tax rates (if Display Tax Breakdown to Customer is enabled).

Tax on Shipping

In order to designate whether or not your store collects tax on shipping, go to Tax > Settings and click Settings at the top of the page. Choose your preference from the Tax on Shipping menu, then click Save

Using Manual Tax Rates

Merchants can also switch to or continue using manually configured tax rates. For further instructions on setting up manual rates, see "Tackling Tax Rate Setup".

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