There are so many things we love about Australia 🇦🇺  — the Sydney Opera House, ’roos, Hugh Jackman. We could go on, but if you’re based there, you probably already know all about it. 

What you may not know is that you are required to charge a Goods and Services Tax (GST) on most, if not all products in your store. To learn how to configure your store to change GST on purchases made by fellow Aussies, read on mates.

The Tax Settings Page

If you haven't already configured your store's tax settings, you can create your initial tax rate or review your current tax settings by logging into your Admin Area and going to Settings > Tax.

Configuring GST

Follow these steps to configure GST for Australia:

  1. Click Settings at the top of the Tax page in your Admin Area
  2. Select No next to Are You Based in the United States?
  3. Make your selection from the VAT & GST menu to choose how you wish to display GST to your customers. For example, if you want to show product prices on your storefront with and without GST included for comparison, select Prices Inc GST and Exc GST.
  4. Click Add to set up a new tax record
  5. If you need to configure separate tax rates for different Australian states, select your state name from the State/Province menu.* Otherwise, leave this menu at its default setting.
  6. Within the Tax Rates section enter a name for your store's GST rate into the first Tax Title text box (for example, "Goods and Services Tax")
  7. Enter the tax rate in the Tax Percent field (for example, enter "10" to apply a 10% tax rate) and select the option marked Tax rate for VAT/GST?
  8. Click Save when you’re finished or Save & Add More, if you need to configure additional tax settings

*Australian states are not configured by default. To add states:

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping and click List All States
  2. Click Add at the top of the table
  3. Select Australia from the Country ID menu and enter the required information for the state you want to add
  4. Click Save and Add New from the Save drop-down menu to continue adding more states

Displaying GST Text

To change the text for how GST is displayed in product prices and on orders (for example, if you want it to say "including GST" instead of "inc GST"), see our article on How to Change GST or VAT Display.


Benjamin Franklin once said, “nothing is for certain except death💀 and taxes.” While we can’t do much about having to charge your customers a Goods and Services Tax, we can make it easy for you to configure your store so the additional fee is seamless in your customers’ checkout process. And that’s for certain! 😀

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