Before setting up tax rates, be sure to set up your shipping methods and set Australia as a Ship-To Location. See the section "Ship To Locations" in the article Shipping for more information.

The Tax Settings Page

Review your current tax settings by logging into your Admin Area and going to Settings > Tax.

Enabling GST

To enable GST in your store, click the three-dot menu at the top right of the Tax page to open the Tax Settings pop-up. Select No under "Are You Based in the United States?"

Use the VAT & GST dropdown menu to choose how you want to display GST to your customers.

In this example, selecting Prices Inc GST and Exc GST will display product prices to your customers with and without GST.

Adding GST Tax Records

  1. On the Tax page in your Admin Area, click Add to set up a new tax record.

  2. Select Australia in the Region Country field.

  3. Enter a name for your store's GST rate into the Base Tax Title text field. This name will appear next to the GST on your store's checkout page.

  4. Enter the tax rate in the Tax Percent field. For example, enter 10 to apply a 10% tax rate.

  5. Select the options marked Tax rate for VAT / GST? and Default Rate for VAT / GST rate?

  6. Click Save.

In this example, customers located in Australia will automatically be charged a 10% GST on their order. This tax will be visible on the customer checkout page.

Displaying GST Text

To change the text for how GST is displayed in product prices and on orders (for example, if you want it to say "excluding GST" instead of "exc GST"), see our article on How to Change GST or VAT Display.

Important Note

Most businesses located in Australia are required to charge a Goods and Services Tax (GST). If you're unsure about your store's tax liability, consult a tax expert in your locality.

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