To access Affiliate Stats, go to Reports > Affiliate Stats in your Admin Area.

Reading the Affiliate Stats Page

The Affiliate Stats page contains useful information regarding orders that have been placed in your store. You can customize the Advanced Filters to view records based on year and month to determine how much commission an affiliate has earned, which affiliates are the most popular, and more.

The contents of the Affiliate Stats page are as follows:

Affiliate ID
This field will contain the ID of any affiliate attached to an order that was generated within the system. Note that all orders will be recorded in this report. Any order that was not generated through an affiliate link registered within Volusion will have an affiliate ID of zero.

First Name
This field will contain the first name of the customer who placed the order.

Last Name
This field will contain the last name of the customer who placed the order.

Company Name
If the company name has been entered in an affiliate or customer's account, this will be displayed in this field.

This field will contain the order ID that was generated by the affiliate or general sale. Clicking on this ID will redirect to the actual order's details page.

Order Value
The grand total amount for the order will be listed in this field.

Affiliate Commissionable Value
This field will list the amount of the order that an affiliate should be eligible to receive commission on. This is essentially a sub total of the order, excluding tax, shipping and handling charges or discounts.

The percentage of the Affiliate Commissionable Value at which the affiliate should earn from a sale will be listed in this field.

Total Earnings
The total monetary earnings an affiliate should receive based on the Affiliate Commissionable Value and the affiliate's percentage will be listed here.

Date of Sale
This field will contain the date the order was generated on.

Using the Advanced Filters

To view a report on a specific month and/or year, click the Advanced Filters button near the top of the page and make a selection from the drop-down menus. Click Filter to reload the Affiliate Stats page with orders generated during the selected period.

View Monthly Totals

To see a report of monthly totals based on the current month, select Monthly Totals from the Filter menu. This table will be a simplified form of the Affiliate Stats page, containing only the Affiliate ID, Name, Company Name, Total Earnings, Total # of Sales, and Date of Most Recent Sale for each order generated for the current month.

Use this filter to quickly generate a list of the commission amounts that affiliates have earned - as well as a list of total sales.

Return to the full table view by selecting All from the Filter menu.

A Note Regarding Affiliates and Reports

The Affiliate Stats report lists all orders - not just those generated by an affiliate. Orders that were not generated by an active affiliate link will have an affiliate ID of zero.

To accurately track affiliate data, you must provide an active tracking URL to any affiliate or marketing program (for example, Google Adwords) registered with your store. Please see "Partner Up with Affiliates" for more information.

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