The Homepage Slideshow feature lets you add a slideshow to your homepage to show off your newest products or highlight certain categories.

Getting Started

To enable the slideshow, go to Design > Homepage Slideshow in your Admin Area and set the switch to On. 

Your template may come with one or more demo slides. Since these are meant as examples and aren't specific to your store's offerings, you'll want to click Clear sample slides before adding your own images.

Now you're ready to upload your own content.

Slide Images

To upload a new slide:

  1. Upload your image. Files must be .PNG, .GIF, or .JPG format, and should be no more than 2mb in file size. For dimensions, use the dimensions for your template. You can find that info here: Slideshow Image Dimensions for Your Theme

  2. Once you see your slide image on the page, hover over it to click the gear icon.

  3. Add a few descriptive words to the Alt text field for SEO purposes. If your slide promotes a holiday sale for 50% off, for example, you might use the words "holiday sale 50." Keep in mind that not all Themes have access to the Alt text field for the slideshow, see below for a script that can be added to your site's HTML file to add Alt text 

  4. In the Link to field, you can direct the slide to a specific URL

  5. Repeat the process for each new slide you want to add to your slideshow, then click Save.

Alt Text Code

var images = document.getElementsByClassName('owl-lazy');
var images_urls = [];
var tmp = [];
for(var i=0;i < images.length;i++){
images_urls[i] = images[i].getAttribute('data-src');
tmp = images_urls[i].split('/');
tmp = tmp[tmp.length-1].split('.');
images[i].setAttribute('alt', tmp[0]);

If you need to change the order in which your slides appear, you can click on a slide and hold down to drag it to a new position, then release it once it's in your preferred location.

Note that your slide images will be scaled when they load on the storefront. Uploading images that are too small may cause pixelation and make text harder to read.

Slide Display


The Layout determines how customers can browse through your slideshow. You can choose from the following layouts:

Speed and Autoplay

By default, the slides are set to Autoplay and will transition every three seconds. You can change the time each slide displays by typing a number of seconds into the field. We highly recommend a value of less than 10 seconds, as most shoppers won't stay on your storefront longer than that unless they see movement.

You can turn off Autoplay by clearing the check box. When Autoplay is disabled, shoppers will need to click or tap the slides manually to see the next one.


By default, your slideshow uses the Fade & Slide transition style, but if that isn't right for you, there are four other options to choose from. Play around and see which you like most.

Single Main Image

If you don’t want to create a slideshow at all, but you still want to have a non-moving main homepage image in the slideshow area, you can do so by uploading a single slide.


Having an eye-catching slideshow or homepage image can make a great first impression. If you're unsure of what to feature on your slides, be sure to read our blog post for tips on optimizing your homepage slideshow.

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