In the fast-paced world of internet browsing, you only have seconds to capture your customer’s attention, before they’re off to the next site. Our solution? A slideshow on your homepage that helps you showcase lots of info in little time! We make it easy to add this eye-catching 👀 feature to your homepage. To learn how to set it up, see "Get Showy: Editing Your Homepage Slideshow and Main Image".

If you've purchased a custom slideshow design from Volusion (either as a separate service or as part of a design package), you can change the slideshow graphics and the pages they link to in a different way.

Before you begin, you'll need to have your new graphics ready - image files with the same dimensions and file type (JPG, PNG) as the current slideshow images. A quick way to determine this is to open your homepage in the browser of your choice. Then:

  • In Firefox, right-click the slideshow graphic and select View Image Info from the pop-up menu. Here, you'll find the dimensions and location of the slides.

  • In Internet Explorer, right-click on the slideshow graphic currently displayed and select Properties from the pop-up menu. This will display the Properties windows, where you will find the dimensions and location of the slides.

  • In Chrome or Safari, right-click on the slideshow graphic currently displayed and select Open image in new tab from the pop-up menu. The slide's dimensions will be shown on the tab and the address in the navigation bar.

The exact dimensions will depend on your theme and design. It is important that these dimensions are kept the same when creating your new slides. The location and name of a slide image file will be something like:

Where is the URL for your store and yourtemplate is the name of your theme.

You should save your new files on a local drive, naming them "slide_01.jpg", "slide_02.jpg", etc., depending on the current slide names and how many images are in your slideshow.

Replacing the Images

  1. Using your FTP client (see "How to Use Your Volusion FTP Account" for more info), navigate to the directory described above.

  2. Rename the files currently in this directory that start with "slide_" to something like "OLD_slide_" in case you need to use them for future use.

  3. FTP your new files into this directory.

  4. Now refresh your storefront and the new images should appear. If not, try pressing <CTRL + F5> to force a hard refresh of your images.

If you need to change the URLs to which the images link, first make a list of the new URLs. The easiest way to do this is to open the required pages in turn and copy the addresses that appears in the Navigation Bar. As long as the pages are on your store's website, you only need the part of the URL after the domain name. For example, if it was "" you would just need "/swimsuits_s/5.htm".

1. Log in to your Admin Area and go to Design > Site Content.

2.Find and click on ID #2.

3. In the Article Body field, you'll see a block of code similar to the following:

["/Config_ImagesFolder/homepage/slide_01.jpg", "/cute_and_trendy_shirts_s/2.htm", "", ""], //slide 1

["/Config_ImagesFolder/homepage/slide_02.jpg", "/product_p/2058.htm", "", ""], //slide 2

["/Config_ImagesFolder/homepage/slide_03.jpg", "/SearchResults.asp?Search=trombone", "", ""], //slide 3

You should make a copy of this block of code and save as a text file somewhere safe.

4. Replace the second part of each line of code (eg "/cute_and_trendy_shirts_s/2.htm") with the new destination URLs.

5. Click Save when you have finished and reload your store to test each link.

Your Article 2 code may differ slightly from the above example. If you're unable to determine where to change the links for your specific slideshow, contact for assistance.

For specific edits to your slides, or to add additional slides, the Volusion design team is available for custom hourly design services. Please contact Services Sales at 800.646.3517 to learn more.


Adding a slideshow to your storefront can help you catch the eyes of customers and show them what you have to offer. Use it to showcase what’s new or to provide ideas for how to use your products. Your Volusion store package gives you easy access to this feature and enables you to change it whenever you want. That is, whenever you want more sales, which is ALWAYS! 💰💰💰

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