Everyone today seems to be on their mobile devices. All. The. Time. 😃📱 If your store isn’t set up to greet customers on the mobile web, you’re missing a huge sales opportunity from all those on-the-go shoppers. 📵

There are two ways you can make your store mobile-friendly: 

  1. Our recommendation: Install a responsive theme, which automatically presents your store in a modern, mobile-friendly way when a user visits it from a phone or tablet 
  2. If you’re set on sticking with a legacy theme: Simply tweak a few lines of HTML code so that when a customer clicks a link to your homepage on a mobile device, they’ll be redirected to your mobile-optimized storefront. (It may be stripped down a bit from your regular site, but it will render in a way that’s easy to read and navigate on a mobile device). 

If you fall into the second category, here’s how to modify the code:

1. Go to Design > File Editor and click template_xx.html (where "xx" is your theme ID or name)

2. In the HTML code, find the following line:

<h1 id="display_homepage_title" class="colors_homepage_title"></h1>

3. Replace the code above with this:

<h1 id="display_homepage_title1" class="colors_homepage_title">

<a id="homepage_title" class="colors_homepage_title"




Now, your storefront will detect the type of device your customer is using and will show the appropriate version (desktop or mobile) of your homepage, accordingly. 


Uh-Oh: Autodetect Override!

The <h1 id="display_homepage_title"> line of code will automatically generate the storefront code below, which will override the autodetect feature of your storefront:

<h1 id="display_homepage_title" class="colors_homepage_title">

<a id="homepage_title" class="colors_homepage_title"



To prevent this from happening, simply change the <h1 id> code to anything except "display_homepage_title.”

⚠️ Good To Know: If you are uncomfortable tampering with your store’s code, a web programmer, whether in-house or a hired contractor, should be able to do this for you quickly.


Possible SEO Impact

After this change, the Home link at the top left of the page will now link to www.myvolusionstore.com/ rather than "www.myvolusionstore.com/default.asp"

If you have "www.myvolusionstore.com/default.asp" set as your “canonical” URL, there may be small SEO impact on your site as a result of this change.

If you use your store's default.htm (Splash) page, then the Home link at the top left of your storefront will now link to "www.myvolusionstore.com/default.htm".



There’s no question we live in a mobile-savvy world, where everyone’s eyes are practically glued to their small screens. 📱 👀   Don’t lose customers by looking behind the times when it comes to mobile. With just a few adjustments, you’ll be back on track faster than you can say sale!

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