For new users installing or changing homepage images, we recommend using the Homepage Slideshow feature. This article covers changing your homepage image for merchants not using the Homepage Slideshow.

If you're using the main homepage article to display an image, you can edit it in the Admin Area, or right from your storefront with the Content Builder.

Accessing the Content Builder

From your dashboard, click the View Storefront Icon in the top right corner to open your current homepage in a new tab.

When moving your cursor over an image on the page, you'll see 2 small icons on that image.

Using the Content Builder to Upload an Image

Click the Insert Image icon (the one that looks like a camera on the image you want to replace, then search for an image on your computer and click Open. Use the Crop tools to decide how you want your image to display, or select No Crop. Click the Save button at the bottom to save your changes.

Using the Content Builder to Use a Hosted Image

To display an image that is hosted online, click the Link icon (the one that looks like a short chain). A small popup modal will appear with 3 fields. The first one is Source, which is the field you want to edit. Delete the URL path that is in there and paste in the web address of the image you want to use instead. Optionally, you can also give your image a Title and a Link. Click OK when you're done.

NOTE: Tick the Crop checkbox to crop the image down to fit your page automatically. You will not be able to manually crop a picture when replacing images this way.

Hit the Save button at the bottom of the page when you're finished.

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