How to Create an Article

  1. Navigate to Design > Site Content.

  2. Click the Add Article button.

  3. Select Other Articles from the Category ID dropdown menu.

  4. Enter the name of your article in the Article Title field.

  5. Enter the text and images for your article in the Article Body field.

  6. Click Save.

Click View Live at the top right to see your article live on your storefront.

How to Create a Link to Your Article

Copy the Article URL

View your article on your storefront and copy the URL from your address bar.

Add the Article URL to Your Nav Menu

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Categories and click Add Menu Item.

  2. In the Category Name field, enter the article name.

  3. In the Show in Menu drop-down, select Nav Menu 1.

  4. Under Advanced Settings > Misc, paste the article URL and click Save.

Your nav menu now has a link to your article page. See the article Categories for more information about creating and rearranging categories in your nav menu.

Article SEO

For more information about creating SEO-friendly URLs, see the section Custom Article Page URLs in the article How to Customize Your URLs.

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