The look and feel of your store is important to your site's functionality. Having an attractive site also adds credibility to your store so shoppers feel confident about buying from you. We recommend using our newer, responsive themes, which automatically adjust their display properties to each visitor's device. 

Whether you want to give your store a floor-to-ceiling makeover or just add some holiday cheer, changing the design of your site is quick and easy.


Getting Started

To get started, go to Design > Theme in your Admin Area.

How to Choose and Install a Theme

Choosing the appearance and layout of your store is an important decision, and we make it easier by letting you test theme designs to see which one is best for your site.

Inside the Themes page, you’ll see two tabs: Active Theme and Saved Themes.

By default, your store comes with a theme already loaded under the Active Theme tab and several more available under the Saved Themes tab.

Beneath these tabs in the Theme Gallery are many other free and premium themes you can choose from.

Active Theme

The theme currently in use in your store is called the Active Theme. It contains the HTML and CSS used to format the way your site looks. You can click View Storefront to open your store in a new window to see exactly what it looks like.

The Advanced Editing pane on the Active Theme tab gives you access to the theme's HTML and CSS. Clicking either link will open that file in the File Editor.

Saved Themes

This tab shows all the themes that have been loaded into your store, including the one that is currently Active. You can Preview, Activate, or Duplicate any theme shown here.

How to Preview a Theme

To see how a saved theme will look when it’s applied to your store, select one under the Saved Themes tab and click Preview.

How to Activate a Theme

Once you find the theme you want to use, click Activate. After a few seconds, your new theme will be displayed under the Active Theme tab and applied to your store.

The Theme Gallery gives you access to all available Volusion themes. You can search by name or filter by color, cost, style, and industry; preview ones that interest you; and purchase the one you want or download a free theme and install it immediately.

If you find a free theme you like, click Get It.

You will then have the option of applying it immediately (click Activate Now) or adding it to your Saved Themes (click Save for Later).

How to Download More Themes

Your Volusion store comes pre-loaded with a sample of themes, and there are plenty more just a few clicks away.

On the Theme page, scroll down to the Theme Gallery to view all the free and premium themes available from Volusion.

Click Clear Filters to remove all filters and display all themes. Click Return to Search Results if a single theme is being display.

Browse the entire gallery or filter the search results by Color, Price, Style, and Industry. For example, you might want to see all the black, white, and gray themes with a Modern or Metallic style, priced $495.

To view a theme in more detail, move the cursor over the thumbnail image to view it in a pop-up window.

For a closer look and description of a particular theme, click the thumbnail image, title, or View link.

Free Themes

To add a free theme to your Saved Themes, find the theme you want and click Get it. You’ll see a confirmation message once the theme has been transferred to your store.

At this point you can go to the Saved Themes tab and make the theme Active. Download as many free themes as you like and see which one fits your store best.

Premium Themes

If you want to purchase a premium theme, click Buy or Get It to begin the order process.

  1. Under Logo Info, specify whether you want your company name or logo entered into the theme as text, or if you want to send us a transparent graphic file.

  2. Under Design Domain Name, enter the domain or subdomain name where the store you want it applied to is held.

  3. Select any other design services you want to add to your order.

  4. Click Add to Cart. Since the order takes place outside of your store, you’ll need to enter your email address and password.

Your premium theme should be available in your Saved Themes after a maximum of 5-7 business days from when your order is processed.

How to Archive a Theme

You should always back up a theme before making any changes to it. This is especially important if you have previously made changes so you don’t have to go back, download the original theme, and modify it all over again. To back up a saved theme:

  1. Go to Design > Theme.

  2. Select the Saved Themes tab.

  3. Find the theme you want to back up.

  4. Click Duplicate.

  5. In the blank field, enter a name for the duplicate theme.

  6. Click Duplicate.

How to Reinstall a Theme

If you’ve edited the default code of a theme and want a fresh start, you can make a backup of the theme currently in use on your storefront and then reinstall it. Click Reinstall next to your active theme and then click Yes, Reinstall.

Tips and Special Settings

How to Preview Themes

Since the Theme Preview function temporarily loads style elements from the previewed theme into your browser, you might notice anomalies such as mismatched images in portions of the navigation menus. In some cases, a theme may have image elements that cannot be viewed unless the theme is fully published to the site.

In these instances, Theme Preview does provide a useful, if somewhat incomplete view of what a theme will look like when applied to your store. You should publish the theme to your store to view the complete design.

How to Switch Themes

The Themes page lets you quickly and easily apply different themes to your storefront. However, some design elements cannot be transferred from one theme to another. Elements that are not shared between individual themes will need to be copied over or reapplied after the new theme is enabled, but they won’t be deleted from the original theme. These include:

  • Storefront and invoice logos configured on the Logos page

  • Updates to CSS files specific to the theme

  • Custom HTML that has been applied to the template.html file

  • Custom storefront buttons (for example, the Add to Cart button)

Additionally, as the navigation menu layout may differ from theme to theme, modifications within one theme's navigation menu may need to be implemented in a different manner when migrating to another theme.

How to Refresh Your Theme

When you upload or edit a theme via FTP, you may need to Refresh your theme before the changes will display on your storefront. To refresh your theme, go to Design > Theme > Active Themes and click Refresh beside the active theme.

Note that you may also need to use the Refresh feature to publish and view theme changes on your storefront if Enable Immediate Publish is disabled at Settings > Config Variables.

How to Upload Your Own Theme

The flexibility of your theme allows you to customize it as you see fit. When modifying a Volusion theme from a local copy maintained on your PC, you’ll need to upload any edited files or the customized theme in its entirety to the following location within your store via FTP: /v/vspfiles/templates/xyz where xyz is the name of the theme.

Each store theme includes a main template.html file that should be uploaded to the root directory (the /v directory) of your store.

To learn more, see "How to Use Your Volusion FTP Account".

Note on Customized Designs

If you have a specific design in mind or want to go beyond the designs and styles available in the free and premium themes, we also offer custom site design services. For more information, please contact the services sales team at 800.646.3517.

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