The robust Volusion platform enables advanced users to customize the look and feel of your store through edits to the theme HTML and CSS files. Sometimes, however, you may make changes to your theme that may cause the functionality of your theme to break, or otherwise become damaged.

If you made a backup of your theme before editing (as is strongly recommended!) you can restore your theme to the previous version. If you haven't made backups of your theme files, you must either request a costly site restore with a support ticket, or else reinstall your store's original theme.

Reinstalling your store's original theme will take the HTML and CSS file code back to the original/default information that was available when you first browsed, selected and installed the theme.

How to Restore Your Theme to a Backup

Note that you must have archived your theme to have the ability to restore the backup.

  1. Go to Design > Theme.

  2. Find the backed-up theme to reinstall in your Saved Themes.

  3. Click Activate in that theme's Action column.

  4. The theme will be loaded, replacing your current theme.

How to Reinstall a Theme

  1. Go to Design > Theme.

  2. Check your active theme in the Active Themes tab.*

  3. In your Theme Gallery, search for the name of the theme to reinstall.

  4. Click Get It on the theme.

  5. Read the warning in the pop-up window and click I understand, reinstall anyway to overwrite the current version of the theme.

*Note that you can reinstall any theme that you have installed once already, whether or not it is the currently active theme on your store.

If you have made changes to the broken theme that you would like to retrieve, be sure to duplicate or back up the theme before reinstalling or you will lose all of the changes (successful and unsuccessful) that you made.

After you have followed the steps above, the reinstalled theme will default back to the original HTML and CSS code, and will permanently overwrite any changes you may have made to the theme. This is helpful for merchants who have made irrevocable changes to the code that either corrupts the desired display of the store or breaks the functionality of the store. To avoid having to reinstall themes and return to "square one" in the future, be sure to archive your theme every time you make changes.

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