There are a number of images displayed on your storefront – from product images and background textures to headers and footers – that add to the overall aesthetic and functionality of your site. You can use the Edit function any time you want to change or modify an existing image element on your storefront.

For information on changing your slideshow images or primary homepage image, see "Get Showy: Editing Your Homepage Slideshow and Main Image". If you use the main homepage article for your primary image, see "Changing Your Main Homepage Image". For information on managing product images, see our guide

Getting Started

The Edit function is a pop-up utility that allows you to quickly upload a substitute image to your storefront.

Enabling the Edit Function

To use the Edit function:

  1. Log in to your Admin Area and click View Storefront in the Volusion Toolbar.

  2. Hover over Edit and switch the Storefront Editor On.

  3. Now when you point to an editable image element, the Edit button displays in its top right corner.

Changing Images

Click the Edit button to open the Image Swap window. Here you can upload your own, unique image file using the Browse and Upload buttons at the bottom of the window, or by dragging and dropping an image from your desktop.

Tip for Removing Images from the Storefront

You can also remove (or hide) images from your storefront by uploading a new image to hide pre-existing graphic elements. This can be done with a simple, three-step process.

  1. Using your preferred image editing software (Photoshop, Fireworks, MS Paint, etc.) create a small image, approximately 1x1 to 5x5 pixels in size. Fill the image with the background color of your storefront's theme and save this image in .GIF format.

  2. Next, log in to your Admin Area, click View Storefront in the Volusion Toolbar, and find the image you want to remove.

  3. Point to the image to expose the Edit function and upload the new, small image you created in step one.

The original image will now be replaced by the small image containing only the storefront background color, effectively rendering the image invisible to store visitors.

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