Listing your merchandise on Amazon gives your store visibility to millions of shoppers online! With the Volusion Amazon integration, you can manage all your Amazon listings right from your store Admin Area.


What You’ll Need

To integrate your Volusion store with Amazon, you must be on a qualified plan (Business or Prime), be based in the US or UK and have an Amazon Professional Seller account.

How it Works

Once you've connected your Amazon Professional Seller Account to your Volusion store, you can create listings for your Volusion products. You can either map them to listings already in the Amazon catalog, or create your own unique listings if you can't find suitable matches! When customers purchase products from your Amazon listings, they'll complete their orders on Amazon and you'll see the orders in your store's Orders page.

Connecting Your Store With Amazon

To get started, you'll need to connect your Volusion store with your Amazon seller account.

  1. In your Volusion Admin Area, go to Marketing > Sell on Amazon.

  2. Click Go to Amazon.

  3. Log in to your Amazon account, then accept the Amazon MWS License and authorize your Volusion store to use your Amazon Seller Account.

  4. When you're done, click Continue to go back to Volusion.

Quick note: You can only integrate your Volusion store with one marketplace at a time. If you have multiple Amazon marketplaces, you'll need to choose the marketplace where you would like to list your products!

Creating a Product Listing

Each item listed on Amazon should only exist once within the Amazon catalog. Unless you sell unique or custom products, there’s a good chance the items you’re selling already exist in Amazon, so all you need to do is match your products to ones that already exist in the Amazon catalog! Easy, right?

To create your first listing, choose a product from your inventory and then connect it to an existing Amazon listing. Or, if your product doesn't already exist within Amazon, you can create your own unique listing.

Please keep in mind that Amazon has final discretion as to whether or not a listing is considered a duplicate listing. You can read all of Amazon's Product Detail Page rules here.

Creating From an Existing Amazon Listing

Follow these steps to create a listing from a product that already exists in the Amazon catalog:

  1. Click Add to create a new listing.

  2. Click Select a Product from Your Inventory.

  3. Find the product you want to list on Amazon, then click Save this Product.

  4. Next, enter your product's UPC, ISBN, EAN, or ASIN and click Search to see if your product already exists in the Amazon catalog. Alternatively, you can use the Free Text option and enter a search term (search is limited to 10 results). Note that only sellable (non-restricted) products are searchable.

  5. If you find the product you’re looking for, click Sell Yours. You must be on an individual product page within Amazon to select a product.
    If the product isn’t on Amazon yet, you’ll need to create a unique listing (see below).

  6. Enter your Offer details, including the item's Condition, Your Price (or Sale Price), and Quantity.

  7. When you're finished, click List on Amazon.

Note that an Amazon listing's Quantity is not tied to the product's stock status in your Volusion store. Once you specify how many units you're offering for sale, Amazon will not be able to detect stock changes that occur in your store. For this reason, you should always be sure that you have enough inventory to cover the quantity displayed in Amazon!

Additionally, note that your Product SKUs will appear slightly different when viewed in your Amazon seller account. Do not modify this SKU in your Amazon seller account, since this will sever the connection between the product in your Volusion store and Amazon! Also, do not update the Product Codes for products that have Amazon listings, as this will also sever the connection between the product in Amazon and your Volusion store.

Creating a New Product in Amazon

If you're creating a listing with a unique product that isn't already available in the Amazon marketplace, you'll need to upload it to a corresponding category template (provided by Amazon) as follows:

  1. Select Advanced Listing Settings from the Settings menu.

  2. Click Enable Advanced Upload. If you've previously enabled Advanced Upload, you'll already see a link to Add Products Via Upload.

  3. Click Download Template from Amazon.
    If you aren't already, you'll be asked to log in to your Amazon Seller account.

  4. Find the category-specific template that applies to your listing.

  5. Once you've completed the inventory template with your new listing details and saved it to your computer, click Browse to find the file.

  6. After you select the file, click Upload.

Keep in mind that it may take a few minutes for newly submitted listings to show up in the Amazon listings table at Marketing > Sell on Amazon.

Inventory Template Errors

Before sending the inventory template to Amazon, Volusion will check that the file is in the correct format (.TXT) and that the SKU(s) listed in the inventory file also exist as product codes in your Volusion store.

Once the inventory template is sent to Amazon, you’ll see a “successfully sent” message. Check back at Marketing > Sell on Amazon to see if your upload was accepted by Amazon. Note that it may take up to four hours for new offer transmissions to show up in the table.

Submissions that are rejected by Amazon will have a Request Status of Failed. You must click into the offer to view the error message from Amazon detailing the type of error and the corrections needed.

In some cases, the issue may be with your offer details, and the error can be corrected on the offer page within the Volusion Admin Area. In most cases, Amazon will not generate an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) for the product because of issues with your inventory template upload, so you’ll need to delete the failed offer and re-upload the file.

Please keep in mind that Volusion Support is not able to assist with filling out the inventory file template, and is only able to pass along the error message and/or data supplied by Amazon!


The shipping carrier and method you use within Amazon is up to you, as long as it meets the buyers chosen timeframe. Please note that every listing you create in Volusion will use the default shipping settings created in your Amazon Seller Account.

Check out this article to learn more about Amazon shipping rates and services!

The Product Listings Table

The product listings table will show all Active and Pending Amazon listings, in addition to relevant details about listings.

Product (the product's image and Name will be listed in the first column).

SKU (the SKU of the product listing for Amazon).

ASIN/ISBN (Amazon Standard Identification Number / International Standard Book Number).

Date Posted (the date on which the product listing was created).

Listing Status (active means the listing is active on and inactive means the listing still exists, but there is no quantity).

Request Status
Success: Your request was submitted successfully and approved by Amazon.
Failed: Your request was denied by Amazon.
Pending: Your request is pending Amazon approval. Please note that product listings cannot be edited or modified while they are in Pending status.

Price (the fixed price of the listing).

Store Inventory (the quantity on hand).

Remaining on Listing (the quantity that has not been sold).

Quantity Sold (the quantity of the product that has been sold from the Amazon product listing).

Delete (permanently remove a listing from Amazon and from your Volusion listing database).

Volusion Product / Listing Limitations

There are a few products that can't be listed on Amazon:

  • Products with required options (parent products).

  • Recurring products (for example, subscriptions).

  • Downloadable Products.

  • Products with the Add to Cart Button Replacement Text enabled.

  • Products with Allow Price Edit enabled (donation products, gift cards, etc.).

Additionally, please keep the following in mind as you create your listings:

  • All new product listings must have a unique identifier (UPC or ISBN).

  • Only listings created in Volusion can be managed in your store Admin Area. Listings created within Amazon are not visible in the Admin Area.

  • Per Amazon, it may take up to four days for your listing to be searchable on Amazon.

  • Partial Amazon orders cannot be canceled within Volusion.

  • Amazon limits one listing per product SKU.

  • You must enter any offer prices (Your Price and Sale Price) in the currency that your Amazon Marketplace uses.

  • You can only post listings in Amazon categories that your account is approved to sell in.

  • Drop Shipping is unavailable for Amazon orders.

  • Gift Certificate options are unavailable for Amazon orders.

  • A merchant can cancel an order before it is marked Shipped.

  • Marking an Amazon order as Partially Shipped has no effect on your Amazon order.

  • Refund capabilities are not available from your Volusion store; they must be performed in your seller account.

  • Fraud Score is unavailable for Amazon orders.

It’s important that you limit your updates in your seller account, as these updates will not be communicated back to your Volusion store!

Updating Sell Price, Sell Start, and End Dates in your seller account will not update your Volusion store data.

Closing a listing in your seller account does not update the listing status in your Volusion store.

Additionally, you should disable all Report Notifications (for example, Open Listings Reports, Sold Listings Report, etc.). Otherwise you will receive an email every time Volusion retrieves (or attempts to retrieve) listing or order updates.

Also note that your Product SKUs will appear slightly different when viewed in your Amazon seller account. Do not modify this SKU in your Amazon seller account, as this will sever the connection between the product in your Volusion store and Amazon.

Product Images

When a product in your Volusion store has multiple sizes of a single image, Amazon will use the largest image size.

Swing on over here to read more about Amazon's image guidelines!

Processing Amazon Orders

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re processing Amazon orders:

  • Customer email addresses will be shown as an anonymized address. However, you will still be able to reply to anonymized email addresses.

  • The payment type for Amazon orders will be listed in the Payment Log as Other.

  • Always remember to input tracking numbers before you click Complete Order.

  • Once an order has been Shipped, it cannot be canceled within Volusion; it must be cancelled directly in your Amazon Seller account.

  • Refunds need to be given directly through your Amazon Seller account.

  • Customer shipping information will be displayed in the Order Notes and Tracking sections of the Order Details page.

  • Even if an out-of-stock product is set to Do Not Allow Backorders in your Volusion store, customers on Amazon may still be able to order it (if it’s set up as an Active listing with enough Quantity). This includes products with a stock value of zero or less in your Volusion store. Always make sure your store has stock on hand; otherwise, customers will be able to “successfully” place the order on Amazon, but the order will never appear in your Volusion store’s Orders table.

Tips and Best Practices

To ensure that the Volusion Amazon integration works smoothly with your store, here are a few handy tips and tricks:

  • Make sure the currency you use in your Amazon seller account is the same currency you use in your Volusion store. The Your Price and Sale Price values for each listing must be submitted as the currency that your Amazon Marketplace uses.

  • When you apply a Sale Price to an Amazon listing, be aware that you can set a Sell Begin Date and a Sell End Date to limit the amount of time you'll be offering the item at a lower price.

  • Note: If a product in Volusion has a Sale Price set to $0.00 under the Advanced Info > Pricing section of the product page, you will get an error when listing the product to Amazon. To avoid errors, please ensure that the product's Sale Price is not set to $0.00.

  • Always make sure that you have enough inventory to fulfill Amazon orders within the listing's specified shipping time frame. When you're creating an Amazon listing, you'll see an Available number beside the Quantity field. This number indicates the product's current Stock Status in your Volusion store. Once you submit an Amazon listing, its Quantity is not tied to the product's actual stock status in your store.

  • Do not use the Batch Processing feature (Orders > Process Orders in your Admin Area), as this feature is not compatible with Amazon Orders.

  • For Amazon orders, add the shipping method and tracking number to the order before clicking Complete Order to ensure that the tracking information is sent back to Amazon. Please note that you can only use one tracking number per order.

  • We recommend that you use one Volusion store per Amazon seller account.

  • One of the main differences between the Volusion integration and the Amazon interface is that Amazon accepts a "Lite" template file, while Volusion will only allow a Full template file to process. You will want to confirm that you are using the full template file and not the "Lite" template file

Visit for additional seller tips and best practices!

Additionally, you should be familiar with Amazon's selling policies.

Disconnecting an Amazon Account

If you want to use the Sell on Amazon feature with a different Amazon account, you'll need to disconnect your current account first. You can also use these instructions if you want to stop using the Sell on Amazon integration altogether.

From the Marketing > Sell on Amazon page of your Admin Area:

  1. Select Settings, then Activation Settings.

  2. Click Deactivate.

  3. Confirm deactivation by clicking Yes, Deactivate.

Once you've disconnected the integration within your Volusion Admin Area, you'll need to contact Amazon and request that they remove the Volusion application's access. To submit this request, log in to your Amazon seller account and send a message to Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS)!

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