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With Volusion’s eBay integration, you can leverage the flexibility and power of your Volusion store to reach the more than 100 million shoppers on eBay. The integration allows all stores on the Business or Prime plans to create fixed-price eBay listings for their Volusion products.

To connect your eBay account to your store, go to Marketing > Sell on eBay in your Admin Area and complete the simple three-step grant process.

First select a Country and Currency. This setting should match your eBay seller account details. Next, click Go to eBay. Log in to your account, then read through and agree to the terms of use. At this point, eBay begins the process of granting access to your store. This process can take several minutes. When it finishes, you’ll see an “Access Granted” message along with an expiration date. We’ll let you know when the expiration date is getting close.

Now click Get Started!. To create your first listing, click Select Product and choose the product you’d like to list. Fill in the Listing Title that you’d like to display on eBay, then enter the number of units you’d like to offer in the Quantity field. If you use the Stock Status field on the product edit page, this number should never be larger than the current on-hand quantity.

Next, choose the appropriate categories and subcategories for the product. Now enter a description. You’ll see different options in the rest of this section related to the type of product you’re selling. The items with asterisks are required by eBay.

Set the price and select a listing duration. If you don’t want to list the product immediately, you can specify a beginning date and time. Also, be sure to choose a Handling Time and a Return Policy.

Next, configure your payment methods. If you’d like to use PayPal, enter your account email address in the field provided. Be sure you only offer payment methods that your eBay account is set up to accept.

Choose a shipping method from the dropdown and enter a flat cost for it. You can also specify a lower shipping cost for additional units if you want to offer a quantity discount. Set your location details and then click Review Listing.

This page shows a summary of the data you entered on the previous page, plus some information about all applicable eBay fees for your listing. These fees are mandatory fees charged by eBay. After you review the information and you’re ready to proceed, click Okay, List on eBay.

You can track all of your listings from this screen. To return here at any time, simply go to Marketing > Sell on eBay. Before eBay approves a listing, the status reads “Transmitted”. After approval, it reads “Active” and you can view it on eBay’s website.

To edit the listing, click the Listing Title. To create another listing, click Add. Note that you can create a new listing similar to an existing one by clicking Duplicate and customizing as desired. You can also cancel active listings.

When a shopper purchases your product on eBay, you’ll receive an order confirmation. You can find details logged at Orders > Process Orders. For more information, search for “Sell on eBay” or click to learn more about selling on eBay through Volusion.

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