Disclaimer: We recently redesigned our Admin Area. Your store may look different than the one shown in this video, but most click paths were not affected.


To use Volusion's Deal of the Day feature, go to Marketing > Deal of the Day in your Admin Area and click Add. In the Product field, you can either scroll through the list of eligible products to find the one you want, or search for it by name. Then enter a Deal Price. This price overrides all current pricing for the product, including any sales or discount levels you may have set up. It displays on all storefront locations where the normal product price displays.

In the Description dropdown, you can either use the item's Product Description Short value, or you can enter a Custom Description in the field provided. Then set a Begin Date and End Date. You can run a deal for a single day, or for multiple days. The start and end times of midnight and 11:59:59PM correspond to your store's time zone setting at Settings > Company. When you’re finished, press Save.

Now it's time to enable the feature. At the top of the Marketing > Deal of the Day page, click Enable next to Deal of the Day is Disabled. If you don't see this text, the feature is already enabled and you can disable it by clicking the Settings button.

Select Enable Deal of the Day, and choose the Nav Menu you want the storefront link to appear in. The No Deals Message controls the text that displays on the Deals page when no active deals are running. You can leave the default text or customize it as you like.

If you see a Publish My Template After Saving option, select it. Otherwise, simply save.

Now on the storefront, a Deal of the Day message shows in the Nav Menu we selected. If it doesn't, go to Settings > Maintenance in your Admin Area, click Rebuild next to Search Index, and refresh your browser.

When we click the link, we can see our deal. If you disable the feature at any time, or if you don't have any deals running on a certain day, the No Deals Message displays.

There’s no limit to the number of deals you can run at once. If you have multiple active deals, they display from top to bottom by End Date, the closest date first. If multiple deals have the same End Date, they display by savings, with the largest percentage first. If multiple deals have the same End Date and savings, they display alphabetically by product name.

For more information on the feature's settings and restrictions, see our articles on "Deal of the Day" and "Deal of the Day Troubleshooting."

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