As a store owner, finding ways to save time is crucial to getting all the tasks you need done in a day.

You can change a setting and have it apply to ALL of your products at one time. That sure beats doing them one-at-a-time, especially if you have a large inventory. 

To change settings for all products, go to Inventory > Products, click the three-dot actions menu icon, and select All Products Settings.

This dialog box contains settings that apply to all products on your store.

Any changes made here will be applied to all existing product pages, including product pages you create in the future.


Auto Survey Email Enabled
Emails requesting product / order reviews will be automatically sent to customers a specified number of days after they place an order. 

Auto Survey Email After Number of Days
If Auto Survey Email Enabled is selected, this field specifies the number of days between an order being sent and the review request being emailed. 

Enable Allow Free Accessory on IsProductCode Option
If enabled, you can enter the product code of free accessories or promotional products in the Options > IsProductCode field to add them to a customer's shopping cart automatically when specific product options are selected.

Enable Facebook Like Button
Enables a Facebook Like button to appear beneath the product image enabling customers to post a comment and a link to this page in Facebook. 

Enable Facebook Send Button
Enables a Facebook Send button to be displayed beneath product images. Requires Enable Facebook Like Button to be enabled. 

Enable Share Button
Enables integration with AddThis. This will display buttons beneath your product enabling customers to share product details using Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Google +1. If you already have Enable Facebook Like Button enabled, this will not add an extra Facebook button. If you have an AddThis account, you can enter your username in the Share Button Username field to use the AddThis analytics features. 

Share Button Username
If you have selected the Enable Share Button setting and have an AddThis account, you can enter your AddThis username here to use the AddThis analytics features. If you don't have an AddThis account, you can create one at

Enable Accessories Quick Add
Enables check boxes for any related products associated with a product. Customers can check the box for the related product(s) to purchase them along with the main product. When the customer clicks to add the main product to the cart, all related products are added with one click. Note that this option does not work with related products that have been assigned product options. 

Use Bullets in Features Text
Each line of text in a product's Features and Technical Specs sections will display in a bulleted list. 

Show Category Breadcrumb Trail
Enables the "breadcrumb trail" on a product's details page. This is a list of all the categories and subcategories the product is a member of. These categories / subcategories are shown as clickable links  to those pages. 

Enable Customer Reviews
Enables customers to post reviews of products. These reviews are stored in customers' accounts and are displayed on the product details pages. 

Display Shipping Availability
The Availability field for each product is displayed within the product's details page. 

Display Discount Button
Displays a Discount button on each product's page that, when clicked, opens a pop-up window containing any quantity discounts available for the product. 

Display Discount Price Levels
Displays the discounted pricing levels for each product on the product page, regardless of whether the customer is eligible for discounted pricing or not. 

Display Free Accessories Text
Displays a list of free accessories available with the product. 

Display Product Code
Displays the product code of each product on its details page. 

Display Setup Fee
For recurring products that have been assigned a setup fee, that fee will be displayed on the product's details page. 

Display Stock Status
Displays either an In Stock or Out of Stock message next to a product, depending on the current stock value of the product. 

Display Email Friend Link
This option enables an Email a Friend button to display next to a product listing. Customers who click on this link can send an email containing that product's information to a specified address. 

Enable Hide Product Option
All products set to Hide Product are hidden from customers browsing the storefront. 

Enable Image Zoom
Product images will be magnified when the mouse is moved over them. In order for this feature to function effectively, the large product photo — High Resolution Zoom Image (large) — must be at least 300 pixels wide or 300 pixels high, and must be 20% larger than the main product photo. The default size of your main product photo, Displayed on Product Page (medium), is 400px. If you leave the medium image at this default size, your High Resolution Zoom Image (large) image needs to be 480px or greater to trigger the image zoom feature (480px is exactly 20% larger than 400px). However, if you use Advanced Settings to increase the medium image size from the default value, your large image size will need to be greater than 480px to accommodate that change. Similarly, you can decrease the default medium image size to as low as 250px and the image zoom feature will still function, as long as your large image is 300px or greater. To calculate the minimum High Resolution Zoom Image (large) image size you'll need to trigger the image zoom feature, multiply the largest dimension of your Displayed on Product Page (medium) image by 1.2. For example, if you increased the maximum dimension of your medium photo to 500px, your High Resolution Zoom Image (large) image must be at least 600px (500 x 1.2 = 600). Note that the default High Resolution Zoom Image (large) image size is 1200px (300% larger than the default Displayed on Product Page (medium) image size). However, if the image you upload is smaller than 1200px, the system cannot generate a zoom image any larger than the original photo size. Therefore, if you want the large image size to remain 1200px, the image you upload needs to be at least 1200px in either width or height. For more information about sizing and image quality, see our article on "Picture Perfect Product Photos".

Display Current Stock Quantity
The In Stock or Out of Stock message will be replaced by the exact stock value of the product. Requires Display Stock Status field to be enabled.

Display Larger Photo Pop-up
Clicking the Larger Image photo link (for products with large photos) will display this photo within a pop-up window rather than a new browser page.

Enable Products As Accessories
Allows you to assign products to be accessories of other products. This essentially enables the Product Accessories field within each product.

Display Product Quantity Box
Displays a quantity box on the product page that allows customers to specify the quantity of a product to order before adding it to their shopping cart. Note that this feature is not recommended for use with product options that have pre-configured quantities for customers to select.

Display Product History
Links to the most recent products browsed are displayed near the bottom of each product's details page.

Enable Recent History Images
My Recent History section will include images and links to the last four (4) products viewed. If deselected, My Recent History will display as a list. Use of this feature requires enabling Display Product History in All Products Settings.

Show Related Products
Displays a list of related products within each product's details page. Related products are randomly selected by the Volusion system from the same product category/subcategory of the product they are being displayed with.

Show You Save Amount
Displays text below the product price and list price in each product's page. This field will list the amount customers will save based on the product price (or sale price) over the list price.

Display Similar Categories
Displays additional breadcrumb trail listings of different product categories just above the My Recent History portion of each product's details page.

Enable Add To Cart Pop-up
Enables the "soft" add to cart pop-up window when a customer adds an item into their shopping cart or hovers over the View Cart link in your store's header. Displays cart details including product image, quantity, and price of each item added, together with the entire cart subtotal before tax and shipping.

Enable Temporary Products
This option activates each product's Display Begin Date and Display End Date settings. This is used to configure items to only display within the storefront for a limited period of time - often used for seasonal items.

Display Update Price Button
Enabling this option displays an Update Price button within each product page that allows customers to manually update the price of an item that is configured with options that have a price difference. This way, merchants can know the exact cost of a product, with options configured, before adding to their shopping cart.

Enable Wish List
This option enables the Wish List feature of the Volusion store front. Customers with a registered, store account can add products to their wish list for later purchases. Customers can access their wish lists from their customer account page by clicking on the My Wish Lists link.

Related Products And Accessories Position
Use this drop-down option to configure how the accessories associated with a product are displayed. The Right of Product Description option displays the list of accessories in a vertical column to the right of a product's information. Below Product Description displays the accessories in a horizontal row below the product's information.

Enable Partial Word Searches
Check to enable partial word matches for product Name, Code and Additional Product Keywords in search results. A partial word is one that appears within other words. For example the partial word search term "min" would return products containing the words "miniskirt", "peppermint" and "roaming". If Enable Searches in Description Field has been enabled, any products that have the partial word in the Product Description will also be returned.

Enable Searches in Description Field
Check to enable searches to include the product Description field in addition to product Code and product Name.

Enable Smart Match
With this option enabled, the system automatically creates and assigns product codes for all necessary child products when the Inventory Control Grid is activated within a product.


Finding ways to be more efficient in running your store is key to good operations management. When you need to make a change to all of your products, just say what and when and your Volusion store will handle it for you.

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