You can configure how your products are displayed on category pages in a number of ways – choose a list view or grid view, change the default sort order, define how many rows and columns are displayed, and more.

To configure the product display:

  1. Go to Inventory > Categories in your Admin Area.

  2. Hover over the appropriate category and click Edit.

  3. Under the Advanced Settings > Product Display tab, select a Product Display Mode.

  4. Select the number of Rows, and if needed, Columns you want to display per page. Note that products are only displayed in Columns if you have selected Responsive Grid or Lightweight Grid.

  5. Select the information you want to display from the various Show fields.

  6. When you're finished, click Save.

You should experiment with the Display Mode, Rows and Columns, and Show fields to find the combination that best suits your products and the design of your pages. For more information, see "Important Category Terms".

Note that there is also a Design > Product Display Settings section in your Admin Area that lets you control how products display on the search results page. For more information, see "Product Display Settings".

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