If you experience difficulty with your Volusion eBay integration, this article will help you troubleshoot and resolve possible issues.


Granting Access to Your Volusion Store

Before creating product listings in Volusion, you need to connect your eBay seller account to your Volusion Admin Area. Read below for troubleshooting information relating to eBay access grants.

Access Denied

During the Sell on eBay setup process, you may have your access grant denied for a few reasons:

  • Closing your browser before clicking I agree on the eBay Grant application status page will trigger an Access Denied message on your Sell on eBay setup screen. Correct this issue by navigating back to Marketing > Sell on eBay and clicking Go to eBay again to complete the access grant process.

  • If your eBay account has third-party integrations blocked, you’ll get an Access Denied message. See eBay's Customer Support center for information on correcting this issue.

Access Expiration

Volusion will remind you 30 days from expiration that your access grant needs to be renewed.

Volusion will also let you know if your grant has been revoked for any reason. If your grant expires or is revoked, you won’t be able to access any active listings from within Volusion – you’ll need to log in to your eBay seller account to manage any product listings that become disassociated from your Volusion store.

Purchases made from orphaned listings will not be relayed to your Volusion store.

Changing Access Grant and Regional eBay Site

You are not able to change your regional eBay site after you have been granted access.

Creating, Editing, and Updating Listings

Keep in mind that all description, shipping, and payment settings available on the Create Product Listing page in your Admin Area are sent from eBay. Specifically, all settings and selections available in the Describe the Item You’re Selling, Fixed Price Settings, Payment, and Flat Rate Shipping sections are based on the regional eBay site that the your eBay seller account is registered at, as well as the Primary eBay Category you select in the eBay Categories section of the Create Product Listing page.

Additionally, the Each Additional field under the Flat Rate Shipping section will not appear unless the Quantity in the Choose a Product section is greater than 1. If the Quantity to list is 0 or 1, then the Each Additional field is irrelevant and will not appear.

Note that only product listings created within your Volusion store will trigger the eBay order(s) to be sent back to your store and appear on your Orders > Process Orders in your Admin Area.

There are limitations to editing listings. See eBay's help resources for the most in-depth information about listing policies.

Adding More Categories

Volusion’s eBay integration allows you to add a maximum of 2 category/subcategory sets to each product listing.

Note for eBay Store Owners

If you have an eBay store and/or are an eBay Store Owner (store subscriber), please note that Store Owner detection is not currently a feature of Volusion eBay integration, and therefore, some of your eBay Store Owner settings may not appear within Volusion.

Volusion supports the majority of features of eBay Seller accounts, but does not support the additional features of Store Owners.

Please note that the options available in the Listing Duration menu may vary depending on the primary eBay category selected. Some listing durations (for example, Good Till Cancelled) may only be available directly through your eBay store owner account.

Bulk Import

Bulk import is not available for Product Listings into your Volusion store using the Import/Export features.

Saving Without Listing

You are not able to save any settings without completing the listing process and agreeing to the eBay listing fees.

Canceling a Listing

Note that you can cancel listings but you will not get the listing fee refunded.

Submitting a Listing That is Rejected by eBay

When you submit a listing to eBay, the Status should change from Pending Transmission to Active within minutes. Do a page refresh if the Status does not automatically update after several minutes.

If a few minutes have passed and a page refresh does not work, then you may need to Duplicate the listing and ensure that all of the required fields are filled out. You should also check with eBay’s documentation to ensure that you are not attempting to submit a product listing with invalid values.

Note that Volusion’s eBay integration will attempt to validate each product listing in multiple ways, but that there are some factors which eBay’s validation will not catch which can cause listings to get stuck at Pending Transmission. To ensure that your listing gets completed, we recommend you Duplicate the listing and double-check all of the fields before clicking Review Listing and then clicking Okay, List on eBay.

You will not be charged a fee if your listing is rejected by eBay.

Common Reasons a Listing is Rejected by eBay

Below is a list of the most common reasons a listing gets rejected by eBay

  • Your eBay seller account is not yet active.

  • You do not have a Payment method for seller fees set up in your eBay account at My eBay > Account > Seller Account.

  • You do not have a reimbursement payment method on file with eBay, which is required according to eBay's Buyer Protection Policy.

  • You have selling limits placed on your eBay account. To check this, log in to your eBay account and go to My eBay > Selling and selecting All Selling from the left navigation menu. Selling limits will be listed under the Monthly selling limits header.

  • You have selected Payment Methods for your eBay product listing which are not configured in your eBay seller account. For example, you cannot select any credit cards as your payment method if you do not have a valid internet merchant account and payment gateway set up in your eBay account.

  • You have selected a Payment Method that is not supported for eBay product listings. Note that eBay does not support ProPay or Skrill as a payment method.

  • The Description you've entered for your product listing contains restricted links.

Listing Validation

Volusion’s eBay integration will validate all listings 3 different times. The first validation is done by Volusion to ensure that all of the required fields have a value. If you attempt to submit the listing without all of the required fields, then you will be prompted by messaging beside each individual field

The second validation is done by eBay. If there are issues with your listing that are caught in this second validation, then you will be presented with an error page with a list of issues that you can fix. Click Fix Issues Now to return to the product listing page and correct any issues.

The third validation is done by eBay after the product listing is sent to determine whether or not your product will be listed on eBay. If your product listing passes this third validation, then the Status will change from PendingTransmission to Active within minutes.

Note that you may need to refresh your page to see the Status change. If the Status of your listing does not change, see the "Submitting a Listing that is Rejected by eBay" subsection above.

Third-Party Listing Tools

Note that eBay maintains standards and policies for allowing third-party applications access to eBay accounts. You should check eBay's documentation for details on the limitations of third-party access.

500 Error on the Sell on eBay Page

Note that if you are using the Block IP Addresses to Admin setting of your store's IP Firewall feature, you must allow the following IP address or you will experience a 500 error on your Marketing > Sell on eBay page:

Connecting Your Volusion Store to Another eBay Account

Although you can connect multiple Volusion stores to a single eBay seller account, each Volusion store can only be connected to a single eBay seller account at a time. If you'd like to change the eBay seller account connected to your Volusion store, you need to revoke the third-party authorization to your Volusion store, as follows:

  1. Log in to your eBay seller account.

  2. Select Site Preferences under the Account tab.

  3. Click Show next to Third-party Authorizations under General Preferences.

  4. Select the check box next to Revoke This Authorization.

Keep in mind that if you revoke Volusion's authorization, any active product listings created through Volusion will be canceled.

eBay Orders Not Coming Through

Most eBay orders should appear in the Volusion platform within 24 hours of being placed through eBay. If any orders take longer than 24 hours to appear, please contact us for assistance. 

For more information on processing eBay orders in Volusion, see our main Selling on eBay with Volusion article.

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