With the Volusion's handy CRM, you can use your store to manage incoming email correspondence between you, your customers, suppliers, vendors and more. For more information, see our article on the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System.

In order to use your store's CRM, you must assign at least one email account to your CRM using the POP3 Settings tab at Customers > CRM System. You can configure a maximum of 10 (ten) POP email accounts for use with your store's CRM.

Note that the CRM System is not an available feature for Personal hosting plans.

The CRM is essentially a robust webmail client. Note that when configuring one or more email addresses with the CRM, any account entered into the CRM's POP3 Settings page should not be accessed from any source other than the CRM. Doing so may cause discrepancies in the way that email is delivered to the CRM.

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