Put your products on display to millions of eBay users with Volusion’s eBay integration feature – list products, process orders, and more, all from your store's Admin Area!


How it Works

Once you've connected your eBay seller account to your Volusion store, you can create eBay listings using the products in your Volusion store. You’ll be able to fulfill and ship all your orders – from your store and from eBay – directly from the Review & Process Orders page in your Admin Area.

Connecting Your Store With eBay 🔗

To get started, you'll need to connect your store with your eBay seller account.

Select an eBay Site

To make sure your products will be listed correctly, select the regional eBay site where your seller account is set up.

  1. Go to Marketing > Sell on eBay.

  2. Select a country / currency in the Select an eBay Site menu.

Once you've selected your regional eBay site, you can continue with the following steps.

Grant Access to Your Volusion Store

To list your products on eBay, you’ll need to change your eBay account preferences to allow access from your Volusion store.

  1. Click Go to eBay.

  2. Read eBay's terms and click I Agree. You’ll be automatically redirected back to your Volusion Admin Area.

  3. On the Grant Access step, you’ll see one of the following access statuses. Access Pending: Shows while eBay processes the access request. Access Granted: You’ll see the date that your access expires.

Once your store has been granted access to your eBay seller account, you can begin creating product listings!

Access issues? Check out our "Sell on eBay Troubleshooting Guide".

Creating a Product Listing

Since you can create listings directly from products you've already set up in your store, Volusion makes it easy to list your products on eBay. To get started, go to Marketing > Sell on eBay and click Add at the top of the page to create a new eBay product listing.

Choose a Product

Start by selecting a product in your store to list on eBay.

  1. Click Select Product.

  2. Select the product you'd like to list. If the product has options and child products, select the child product you'd like to list. Note that you must create an individual listing for each option or option combination. To duplicate an existing product listing, click Duplicate in the eBay Listings table beside the listing that you'd like to duplicate.

  3. Enter a Listing Title and Quantity for the eBay listing.


By default, eBay product listing will use the Photo Size Medium configured for the product in your Volusion store. Note that all Photo Size Medium pictures must meet eBay's picture quality requirements, including a minimum length of 500 pixels on the longest side of the picture.

If Use Same Photos as Product Code is checked in the product's Advanced Info > Misc section, the Photo Size Medium image for the specified product will be used.

If you host your product images externally, then the image specified in the Photo URL Small field will be used.

Determine Your Quantity to List 🤔

Depending on your business model, you may want to make some or all of the available stock for a single product available to purchase through your eBay listing.

When someone purchases a product through an eBay listing, the product's Stock Status and Quantity Available will be deducted when you click Complete Order on your store's order details page.

If an order comes directly through your Volusion store, the Stock Status will be updated, but the Quantity to List cannot. Keep in mind that eBay charges additional transaction fees any time you make updates to the product listing, including the Quantity to List.

If you sell out of a product that still has an active listing in eBay, you must manually cancel the eBay listing at Marketing > Sell on eBay to ensure that you don’t sell more products than you are able to deliver.

Choose eBay Categories

The descriptive fields available for your listing will depend on the categories you select for your product. You must choose at least one category before proceeding to the Describe the Item You're Selling section of the page.

  1. Beside the Primary eBay Category field, press Select.

  2. Select the category and subcategories for the product.*

  3. Click Save this Category.

  4. If you want the listing to appear in a secondary eBay category, click Select beside the Secondary eBay Category field.

*Please note that the following sections will not display until you select a Primary eBay Category because the settings available in those sections are dependent on the eBay category you select:

  • Describe the Item You're Selling

  • Fixed Price Settings

  • Payment

  • Flat Rate Shipping

Once you've selected a Primary eBay Category, you can enter a description and the required fields for the listing.

Describe the Item You're Selling

The fields that appear in this section depend on the Primary eBay Category that you selected above.

  1. Enter a Description for the product. You can enter text or HTML in this field.

  2. Select or enter values for the descriptive variables for the product. You can select a recommended value from the drop-down menus, or enter your own value by typing into the text field.

All required fields will be marked with a red asterisk. Please note that help content will only be provided for the various Description fields if eBay provides help content!

After you’ve entered the descriptive content for your listing, it’s time to add a few more details.

Fixed Price Settings

Now it’s time to set up the price and listing details for your product:

  1. Enter a Buy it Now Price for the product.

  2. Select a Listing Duration from the menu.
    Please note that the options available in the Listing Duration menu may vary depending on the primary eBay category selected. Some listing durations (for example, Good Till Cancelled) may only be available directly through your eBay store owner account.

  3. Select a Listing Date. Note that you can select Schedule listing for future date & time and select the date from the available calendar.

  4. Select a Handling Time.

  5. Select a Return Policy.

  6. If you select Returns Accepted, you will also need to fill in the Refund Type, Returns Within, and Shipping Cost Paid By details. We recommend you match the settings on your eBay seller account policies.

Once you’ve set the listing details, select the payment methods you'll accept for this listing.


Payment methods must be configured in your eBay seller accounts settings to work properly. To configure your payment methods:

  1. Click Edit Payment Methods, select your methods from the list, and click OK.

  2. If you select PayPal, enter your PayPal account email address in the field provided.

  3. To add or remove payment methods, click Edit Payment Methods and make your changes.

Adding Payment Methods

The payment methods you can select for your product listings within Volusion are dependent on the regional eBay site you selected during setup and the categories you selected for the product listing.

Note that you are able to select payment methods in Volusion even if these payment methods are not configured within your eBay seller account. In order for your customers to purchase from your eBay product listing using a specified payment method, you must ensure that the payment method is set up within your eBay seller account. Note that eBay does not support Skrill or ProPay as a payment method.

Now it’s time to select the shipping options for your listing!

Flat Rate Shipping 🚚

Configure your shipping methods in the Flat Rate Shipping section, as follows:

  1. Select a shipping method from the menu to set the method that you'll use when shipping this product.

  2. Enter the shipping amount customers will pay in the Buyer Pays field.

  3. Enter a cost in the Each Additional field to charge less shipping to customers who purchase multiple products from this listing.*

  4. Select Free Shipping if you want to offer free shipping on this listing. You still must designate a shipping method.

  5. For some shipping methods, you can check the box to Add a surcharge for Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

  6. Select the Item Location - where the item is located - including country, ZIP code, city, and state. This will display on the product listing.

*Please note that the Each Additional field under the Flat Rate Shipping section will not appear unless the Quantity in the Choose a Product section is greater than 1. If the Quantity to list is 0 or 1, then the Each Additional field is irrelevant and will not appear.

Now you’re ready to review the listing you just created!

Reviewing Your Listing 👀

Click Review Listing at the bottom of the page to see if anything needs to be corrected. If there is any required information missing, you'll be prompted to make changes.

Approve eBay Listing Fees

Next, you’ll need to review and approve the eBay Listing Fees. This fee is paid directly to eBay using the payment method specified in your eBay seller account. Volusion does not receive any of this payment.

Click Okay, List on eBay to approve the fee and list or schedule the product on eBay!


All listing fees that you see through the Volusion Sell on eBay page are paid directly to eBay using the payment method specified in your eBay seller account. Volusion does not receive any of this payment.

More information on the eBay listings fee structure is available on eBay's Customer Support Fees for Selling on eBay page. The fees that are changed through the Sell on eBay page are the same fees that you are charged with creating listings from within your eBay seller account.

Note that the fee will be charged once the product listing is successfully submitted and approved by eBay for listing. Once the status the product listing changes to "Transmitted", you will be charged the listing fee.

Duplicating a Listing

Due to the nature of eBay's product listings, each product must have its own listing. Volusion makes it easy to duplicate your work on a brand new listing with the Duplicate feature.

To duplicate a listing, go to Marketing > Sell on eBay and click Duplicate in the table beside the listing that you'd like to duplicate.

The Product Listings Table

The product listings table will show all Active and Pending eBay listings, in addition to relevant details about listings.

Product (the product's image and Name will be listed in the first column, identifying the listing).

Listing Title (the title of the product listing for eBay).

Start Date (the date in which the product listing went live on eBay).

End Date (the date on which the product listing will expire, based on the Listing Duration selected when the listing was created).

PendingTransmission: your store is currently sending the listing to eBay
Transmitted: eBay has received the listing and it is pending publication on eBay
EndedEarly: the listing duration has ended prior to all Quantity to List being sold
PendingUpdate: you (the merchant) have requested an update to a listing, and eBay is currently processing your update request
Updated: the listing has been updated based on your (the merchant) request
Active: the listing is published on eBay
Completed: the full Quantity to List of products has been sold on eBay
PendingCancel: you (the merchant) have requested that the listing be cancelled, and eBay is currently processing your cancel request
Cancelled: the listing was cancelled by you before the Listing Duration expired and before the Quantity to List was sold

Fixed Price (the fixed price of the listing).

Qty Avail (the quantity that have not been sold of the total Quantity to List).

Qty Sold (the quantity of the product that have been sold from the eBay product listing).

eBay ID (the ID of the product listing, which can be used when contacting eBay support for listing troubleshooting assistance).

Duplicate (use this link to duplicate the listing. This feature can be useful for listing multiple variations of the same product or similar products. See Duplicate a Listing (above) for more information).

Cancel (use this link to cancel an active listing).

Things to Keep in Mind When Creating a Listing

Note that each listing title must be unique; this title is validated against all the listings in your eBay seller account!

Also note that eBay prevents some products from being listed. You should consult the eBay's help resources to see a full list of restrictions on product listings. The following cannot be listed through your Volusion store:

  • Donation products

  • Gift Certificate products (products with Allow Price Edit box selected in Advanced Settings > Misc)

  • Products with required options but without child products (for example, t-shirts that come in various colors, but don't have child products)

  • Parent products

  • Downloadable products

Processing eBay Orders in Volusion

Most eBay orders should appear in the Volusion platform within 24 hours of being placed through eBay. If any orders take longer than 24 hours to appear, please contact us for assistance. 

The following are additional tips you should know about eBay / Volusion orders:

  • When you receive an order from your eBay listing, our software will not send you an automatic order confirmation email. Be sure to make arrangements with eBay to receive notifications of new orders. 

  • Do not attempt to use the batch processing feature (Orders > Process Orders in your Admin Area) for eBay orders. This will cause the batch processing tool to fail.

  • For eBay orders, add the shipping method and tracking number to the order before clicking Complete Order to ensure that the tracking information is sent back to eBay.

  • Note that an eBay order's status must be set to Shipped within the order details page. If you try to set the status to Shipped by editing the Order Status column values in the Orders table view, an error will occur.

eBay Best Practices

To ensure that the Volusion eBay Integration works smoothly, we recommend the following best practices for managing your seller account and Volusion store:

  • Make sure the currency you use in your eBay seller account is the same currency you use in your Volusion store.

  • Always have enough inventory on hand to fulfill eBay orders within the amount of shipping time specified on the listing. Having delayed shipping times due to insufficient inventory violates eBay’s policies on product availability.

  • We recommend one Volusion store per eBay seller account. While you can link multiple Volusion stores to a single eBay seller account, you would need to prohibit Combined Payment Orders in your eBay seller account (per eBay’s policies).

For additional tips and troubleshooting, check out our "Sell on eBay Troubleshooting Guide"!

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