Please note: Nav Menu Promotions are a Legacy feature and are no longer available on most recent Volusion Themes.

Where To Begin

To get to this tool from the Admin Area and go to Marketing > Nav Menu Promotions. Keep in mind, Nav Menu Promotions are a Legacy tool and may not be supported in newer Themes. 

Here, you’ll find 20 different promotions that your store comes pre-configured with. Each has a specific use, but you can always modify them or create your own (see below). To show any of the promotions on your storefront, simply disable its Hidden setting.

Creating A Nav Menu Promotion

Create as many promotions as you need, and use the Hidden feature to cycle through them on your storefront (More on that below). To create them, click Add near the top of the Manage Promotions page. Then configure the following six settings for your promotions on the Specials Management page:

ID: We’ll autogenerate a unique ID for each new promotion. 

Group: To stay organized, you can opt to assign the promotion to one of three groups — SSL Seals, Powered By and Misc. Read below to learn more.

Private Notes: For your own reference, you can add notes to each promotion; they’ll never display on your storefront.

Body: Enter the text or HTML to display to visitors within the navigation menu on your storefront.

Special Order: Specify the order in which your promotions will be displayed in your store’s navigation menu (the lower the number, the higher the promotion will appear).

Hidden: Specify which promotions to hide or to show on your storefront by enabling or disabling this checkbox. 

Once you’ve configured all the settings for a promotion, click Save. As long as it’s not set to Hidden, it will appear on your storefront.

Tips and Special Settings

Staying Organized

If you've created a large number of promotions and it’s a pain to sort through all of them, you can assign each promotion to one of the three different groups: SSL Seals, Powered By and Misc.

Then, in the Filter drop-down above the main Nav Menu Promotions table, select a promotion group to display only promotions within that group. To revert back to seeing the entire contents of the promotion table, choose All.

Linking to Your Facebook Store

Another great use for the real estate beneath your main navigation menu is to promote your Facebook Store. Here’s how to link to it:

  • Find or create a suitable graphic for your Facebook link

  • Right-click on the graphic you want to use and click Save, then name it and save it to your computer

  • Using your FTP account, upload this graphic to your Images directory

  • Go to Marketing > Nav Menu Promotions and click Add

  • In the promotion's body, enter the following (plugging in info that’s specific to your store): 

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

In this example, is the URL for your Facebook store, is your website URL, and myfacebookgraphic.jpg is the name you gave your Facebook icon.

  • Enter a Special Order value and click Save

When you're finished, test the link to make sure it opens your Facebook page.

SSL Seals

All online stores need a valid SSL certificate to protect customers’ data sent through their site — credit card numbers, emails addresses and other personal info. If you don't already have an SSL certificate, you can purchase one directly from Volusion. Once you have it, promoting it in the space below your navigation menu is a great way to gain customer’s trust — and their business. 

We provide five built-in promotions with seals that you can display on your storefront to tell customers that your store has a valid SSL certificate: IDs 23, 24, 27, 29 and 30. When shoppers click on the promotion, they’ll see verification info and know that your store’s security measures are solid. 

To set it up:

  • Click on the promotion ID you want to use

  • Deselect the Hidden check box

  • In the Body field, replace "" with your actual store domain name

  • Click Save

The SSL verification seal should now display on your storefront. 

Adding An Image To A Promotion

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then you might want to use one in your promotions, especially for specific products.

With some basic HTML knowledge, you can set up an image link in a promotion like so:

  • Have an image file ready to upload (e.g. an image file named promtion1.jpg)

  • Connect to your store via FTP and upload the image to any accessible directory (e.g. /vspfiles/images). In this example, the promotion will link to the store's article ID 121. 

  • Edit or create a promotion using the steps outlined above

In the promotion's Body, enter the following:

<a href="/articles.asp?ID=121"><img src="/v/vspfiles/images/promotion1.jpg"></a>

This text will create a hypertext link to website article ID 121 and will display the promotion1.jpg image file. Customers who click on the image will be redirected to the article.

Keep in mind, Nav Menu Promotions are a Legacy tool and may not be supported in newer Themes.

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