Nav Menu Promotions are a Legacy feature and are no longer available on most recent Volusion Themes.

Your store's Nav Menu Promotions page can be configured to display different advertisements, promotions or notices to customers on your storefront. You can also display a form for customers and visitors to sign up for your store's email newsletter. Nifty, right?

This article will show you how to enter a simple HTML form into one of your store's navigational promotions for visitors to sign up for and automatically receive email newsletters from your store. 💻

Creating the Promotion

You can create a new promotion within the Nav Menu Promotions page as follows:

  1. Go to Marketing > Nav Menu Promotions.

  2. To create a new promotion, click Add.

  3. Select Misc from the Group menu.

  4. Enter the HTML code shown below for the email sign-up form into the Body field.

  5. Enter a numeric value to assign a position for this promotion into the Special Order field.

  6. Click Save to create your new promotion.

The Sign-up Form HTML

As mentioned above, you will need to enter some basic HTML into your nav promotion's body in order to generate the email form. Feel free to use the following code:

<div align="center">
<form name="MailingList" method="post" action="MailingList_subscribe.asp">
<span style="font-weight: bold; color: white;">Join our mailing list!</span><br>
<input type="text" style="font-size: 11px;" name="emailaddress" size="19" maxlength="50">
<div align="center"><input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Join Now"></div>

Using the Sign-up Form

Once you've created the new promotion, your storefront will display a mailing list sign-up form that visitors can use to sign up for your newsletter!

Once a customer enters their email address into the form, their email address will be entered into your store's Customers table and the account will be flagged to receive your email newsletter campaigns.

Note that customer must also pass a CAPTCHA test before submitting the newsletter signup form. To simplify the process for users, you can implement Google reCAPTCHA for your store instead.

For further information, see our articles on Nav Menu Promotions and email newsletters!

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