Everyone LOVES coupons and discounts — your customers included. ❤️ Coupons make them feel like they’re getting a deal that needs to be taken advantage of urgently. 🏃‍ 💨 And a discount can be just the incentive they need to purchase something they’ve been considering.  

While you may want to offer your customers a coupon code for a discount, such as 20% off all purchases, there may be certain products that you would like to exclude from the discount. This may include items that are already marked down or entire categories that are so popular that people purchase without a deal.

The easiest way to exclude just a few products from a discount or coupon is to assign the ones you want to include to a special, hidden category, and then apply that category to the discount or coupon. To manage changes to the category, you can use our Import/Export feature.


While coupons will bring people in the store, you may have business reasons for excluding certain products from the offer. You can discreetly exclude them from your offers by configuring a few simple settings in your Volusion store!

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