Getting Started

To create a site-wide discount:

  1. Go to Marketing > Coupon/Discounts in your Admin Area

  2. Click Add

  3. Enter a name for your discount in the Discount Name field. 

  4. If you want the discount to be automatically applies, you do NOT need to select Coupon and add a Coupon Code

  5. Select Percent Off Entire Order from the Discount Type menu

  6. Fill in Discount Value with the discount amount (for example, “10,” if you want to offer a site-wide 10% discount)

  7. Click Save

You can also configure other options for your discount, such as making it applicable only for a limited time (by setting a start and end date for example). All of this can be done within the detail edit page for the coupon/discount.

The discount will be displayed and applied on the customer’s shopping cart page.

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