Disclaimer: We recently redesigned our Admin Area. Your store may look different than the one shown in this video, but most click paths were not affected.

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To grant your customers reward points based on the products they purchase from your store, go to Marketing > MyRewards in your Admin Area and select Points for Product from the MyRewards Setup drop-down menu.

Note that the Points Earned per Currency Unit field disappears when we change the program type because it isn't relevant to the Points for Product option. With Points for Product enabled, your customers earn a fixed number of points for specific products based on values you assign.

To learn more about the fields in the Redemption section, see our video called "How to Grant Reward Points Based on Money Spent".

To assign points to a product, go to Inventory > Products and select the product you’d like to assign points to. Under Advanced Info, click the Misc tab and enter a value in the Reward Points Given For Purchase field.

Now customers can see the point total they’ll earn for purchasing this product. This information appears unless you've enabled the Multi-Child Add-to-Cart feature. If a customer purchases more than one unit of a product, they'll earn the specified point total for each unit. In this example, a customer who purchases two units would earn 50 points for each unit, or 100 points total.

Keep in mind that customers won't know what the point totals mean unless you take steps to educate them about your reward program. For information on customizing the storefront side of your program, see our video called "Understanding How Customers Redeem Reward Points".

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