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Whether you use the Points for Cash program or the Points for Product program, points earned are not granted to customer accounts until the corresponding orders are marked as Shipped. This occurs automatically if you click the Complete Order button.

Earned points display on a customer's account record under the Special Privileges section. Store administrators can edit this field. If a customer returns a product for which they earned points, the points are not automatically deducted from their account, so an administrator will need to deduct them manually.

Customers must redeem their points through their account in order to convert them into a spendable form by clicking My Rewards under the Other Features section. Note that if you disable the program at any time by selecting the Disable Program option at Marketing > MyRewards, the link disappears and customers would not be able to redeem points they've earned.

If you'd like to exclude a particular customer from earning reward points without disabling the program entirely, use the Removed From Rewards check box on their account page. If you need to change this value for many customers at once, you can use the import / export feature. For more details, see our "How to Import Store Data" video.

The default value in the Redeem Now field queries both the Points Redeemed per Currency Unit value and the Minimum Points Required to Redeem value, and displays whichever value is higher. For more information on these values, see our "How to Grant Reward Points Based on Money Spent" video.

The Available Points field shows how many points the customer can attempt to redeem, and the Pending Points field shows how many they've earned that haven't yet been granted due to the delay imposed by the Time until Rewards are Redeemable value. Note that when the two values are added together, they match the 'Reward Points field on the customer's account record.

To redeem points, a customer must redeem at least this many, but they can also redeem more in exact multiples of the Points Redeemed per Currency Unit value if they have enough points available. If a customer attempts to redeem fewer than the minimum, they'll receive an error message. If the customer redeems more than the minimum but less than a full additional multiple of the minimum, the spare points remain on the available balance.

A confirmation message appears showing how many points were redeemed and how much spendable reward currency was granted. The extra points remain on the available balance. The reward money is applied to the customer's account in the form of a gift certificate, which you can view at Marketing > Gift Certificates.

The next time this customer makes a purchase, the gift certificate amount is automatically deducted from the subtotal on the checkout page. If the gift certificate amount exceeds the purchase subtotal, the remainder will be saved and applied to the customer's next purchase. If you need to suspend the application of reward money to the customer's next purchase, you can click the gift certificate code, un-checking the Active box, and click Save. You can reactivate the gift certificate at any time. This variable is also editable from the table viewer. If you don’t see it, select Customize Columns from the Settings dropdown, select Active, and click Apply Changes. Click the Edit icon on the column heading, then select or de-select the Active variables for each gift certificate, as needed. When you’re finished, click Save.

Note that purchases made using gift certificates are not eligible to receive reward points.

If you'd like to customize the default text of the customer-facing MyRewards page, go to Design > Site Content and select article ID number 141. You can also customize the default text available at the Terms & Conditions link on this page by editing article ID number 140.

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