At Volusion, we enable you to do lots of cool things to make your store work best for you, including adding custom fields for your products. If you add a custom field containing the vendor name, and you want to see all the products from that vendor, we have an simple solution:

  1. Go to Inventory > Products
  2. Click the Search button
  3. Scroll down to Advanced Info > Custom Fields and type in the vendor name in the applicable custom field
  4. Click Search

All products containing this vendor's name in this custom field will now be displayed. 👗 👠 👛

To save this search … 

  1. Click the three-dot actions menu icon 
  2. Select Bookmark Results
  3. Enter a name for this search in the Add to QueryBank As field (e.g. "Vendor #1")
  4. Click Add

Repeat these steps to create and bookmark additional vendor searches, as needed. Now, you’ll only need to click Bookmark Results and the link for that vendor to generate a list of products from a particular vendor. 

⚠️ Good to Know:

This solution enables you to filter the products in your store (Admin Area) by vendor; not your customers on your storefront.


One of many cool things about your Volusion store is that you can add custom fields to your products that contain useful information like vendor names. If you want to filter your products by vendor name, simply search for the name and bookmark the results to quickly generate your product list again later. Piece of 🍰. 

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