Getting Started:

  1. Go to Inventory > Products in your Admin Area and click Search.

  2. Under the Categories heading, click Advanced.

  3. Enter the Category ID number in the field to the right and click Search. The search results will display all products in the category you searched.

  4. Click the three-dot actions menu icon and select Export Results.

  5. In the Add To QueryBank As text box, enter a name for this query (for example, "CAT1" if you're importing category 1).

  6. Click Export.

  7. Select the query you created from the Saved Queries drop-down, select a File Format, and click Export.

  8. Click Download in the Your Export File is Available pop-up.

  9. Save the new file to your computer.

Note: This export will only include the fields that were visible on the Products table page, not the entire table. If you need to add more fields, use the Customize function under the three-dot actions menu on the Products page.

If you would like more control over this process, see Saved Export for Products Table.

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