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As your inventory and product categories grow, you may need a little extra help managing and organizing them. You can keep track of your on-hand quantities for products with options just as you do with regular products by creating child products with our Options Inventory Control feature.

A Child Product is a specific combination of options treated as a separate product. For example, a shirt that comes in blue and red colors and small and large sizes would have child products of blue small, blue large, red small, and red large. This video assumes you’ve already completed the steps in the "How to Add Product Options" video, so please review it to make sure you’re ready to proceed.

Before you create child products, review your parent product settings. On the Edit page, open the Product Display tab under the Advanced Info section and make sure Hide When Out of Stock is not selected. Then open the Stock tab and make sure Do Not Allow Backorders is selected. We strongly advise against proceeding without these settings in place so you don’t experience complications later.

To create your child products, return to the Basic Product Info section, select Enable Options Inventory Control, and save. You can now find the child products under the Options Inventory Control section. To begin your stock counts, simply enter the on-hand quantity in each box and save. Note that if you leave the box blank, the software assumes you have unlimited stock.

If you don’t have any on-hand quantities for a specific child product and you don’t want your customers to be able to add it to the cart, you can use our Dropdown Smartmatch feature. Go to Inventory > Options > Option Categories, select a relevant option category, set the Display Type to Dropdown Smartmatch, and save. Repeat this process for each relevant option category.

Now, on the storefront, the child product with no on-hand quantity, in this case, red small, is the only one not listed.

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