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Let’s say you've created a product: a t-shirt that comes in 4 colors and 3 sizes. That makes 12 variations of that one t-shirt. Instead of creating 12 different products, you can use product options to simplify the process.

The first step in adding options to a product is to create an option category for them. An option category serves as a grouping label for the options. For example, a shirt that comes in red and blue should have an option category of “color,” with red and blue as the options.

To get started, go to the product edit page in your Admin Area and click Select Options, then Add New Option Category. Simply enter the title in the field and save. To create the options, click the arrow next to the title, then Add New Option. Enter the name of your first option and save. You can add as many as you like. When finished, press Apply, and then Save. Now, the option category displays on the storefront product page, with the options available in a dropdown.

If you’d like to display your options differently, go to Inventory > Options > Option Categories, click the category ID number, and select whichever display type you prefer. By default, customers don’t have to choose an option to place an order. If you’d like to require an option choice, select Is Required. You can also add descriptive text, and if you have multiple option categories, you can set their storefront order by using the Display Order field. When finished, press Save.

Now, on the storefront, the option reflects the changes you just made. If we try to place an order without making a choice, we get an error message.

By default, options don’t have an impact on cost. If you’d like an option to add to the cost of the product, go to Inventory > Options. Here, you’ll see your options arranged by their ID numbers, with the option category to the right, and the option name further over. To modify an option, click its ID number, enter the additional amount in the Price Diff field, and save.

For more information on working with options, visit our Knowledge Base and search for "options".

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