Did you know your store is smart? Your store can automatically do all sorts of useful things, without you having to lift a finger (not even to type)! 

The Smart Match feature provides the final link in inventory control between what you have in stock and what is displayed on your storefront. With just a few initial clicks, you'll be able to set up products that have options so that only the options that result in product combinations that are currently in stock are displayed. How’s that for intelligent technology!

For example, let’s say you carry a dress that comes in red, blue and white and sizes S, M and L. However, the blue dress in size medium is out of stock. Smart Match sees that one of these options is out of stock and keeps customers from selecting that combination of size and color. Always thinkin’!

The following assumes that you are familiar with setting up products, product options, and the Inventory Control Grid.

How To Use Smart Match

  1. First, create the Smart Match options you'll be applying to the product. When creating the option category, use Dropdown Smartmatch as the Display Type.

    ⚠️ Good to know: Even if you select Hide Category Description for an option category, customers will still see the Option Category Description in the option drop-down menus on the product page.
  1. To confirm that the Smart Match feature is enabled, go to Inventory > Products, click the three-dot actions menu icon, select All Products Settings, and makes sure the Enable Smart Match check box is selected.
  2. Next, create the product you want to use Smart Match options for. Click Edit Options to apply the relevant product options you created. Select Enable Options Inventory Control Grid. Under Advanced Info > Stock, select Do Not Allow Backorders. This ensures that customers can't select an option combination that is out of stock. If you leave this option deselected, out-of-stock product options will be available for backorder and will still display to customers for purchase.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Scroll down to the Inventory Control Grid. You should now see all the child products that the software generated by combining the product options. If the child products do not appear here, try deselecting and re-selecting the Enable Options Inventory Control check box and clicking Save again.
  5. In the Stock Status column of the inventory control grid table, enter the current stock count for each child product. If a particular option combination has zero stock, enter "0". Do not leave the field blank.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Now click View Live to make sure your product and options display correctly. The first drop-down menu will say First, Select [Option Category Name], and any others will say Then, Select [Option Category Name]. This tells the customer that their input is needed before they can add the the item to their cart, and that they must choose options in the order indicated. If a customer attempts to select an option out of order, the options for that drop-down will not display.

To test that Smart Match is working, go back to the Inventory Control Grid in the product editing page and set a specific child product's stock to zero. Click View Live and try to select the out-of-stock option combination; you should see that it no longer displays.

If you ever want to disable Smart Match, edit the option categories applied to that product and change the Display Type to Dropdown.

Multi Child Add To Cart

You can also use Smart Match with the Multi-Child Add To Cart feature. Enable this option in the Product's Advanced Info > Product Display tab by selecting Enable Multi Child Add To Cart. Out of stock products will still display, but they will be marked as Out of Stock and cannot be selected.


By enabling Smart Match, you’re setting up your store to do the thinking for you and prevent shoppers from ordering products that aren’t in stock. This means you’ll never disappoint a customer who wants to order something you don’t have.

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