Buying goods in bulk means your customers save money. And selling in bulk mean you save time … when you configure the group as a single product.

The advantages of this is that if you change the quantities (or price), you only have to change the options this product.

Setting Up the Quantity Option Category

Essentially, you'll need to create a series of product options that apply a quantity to the product being ordered. The first step is to create your initial product option category, like so:

In your store's Admin Dashboard, go to Inventory > Options.

Select Option Categories from the Filter menu, then click the Add button at top right.

Enter “Quantity to Order” or something similar in the Option Category Description field.

Enter “1” in the Display Order field.

Select the Required check box and select Dropdown from the Display Type menu.

Click the Save button at the top right of the page.

Creating Your Quantity Options

Once the option category has been created, you can create options for each quantity your customers can purchase:

In your store's Admin Dashboard go to Inventory > Options.

Select Options from the Filter menu and click the Add button.

Enter “0” (zero) into the Price Diff field.

Select the option category you just created from the Option Category menu.

Enter the quantity you want the option to represent in the Option Description field (e.g. 12).

Enter the respective product code(s) in the Apply To Product Codes field.

Enter the same value from the Options Description field in the Display Order field.

Select Use as Product Qty by checking the corresponding checkbox.

Click the Save button at the top right of the page.

Once this process is complete, you can repeat the process to create additional quantity options. You’ll need to create an option for each quantity you want to allow customers to purchase.

⚠️ Good to know: This product option should not be used with products configured with child products and/or configured to use the multi-child add-to-cart function.

What the Customer Sees

Once the quantity option is set up, the product page shows a drop-down menu labeled Quantity to Order (or whatever you entered into the Option Category Description field).

Once the customer selects a quantity from the drop-down menu, that specific quantity will be added to their shopping cart, and the total for the bulk order will be displayed there.

⚠️ To remove the default Qty bar that appears on the product page, either the Config Variable Display Update Price Button or the Config Variable Auto-Update Product Price must be enabled. When the Quantity Options are set up and either one or both are enabled, the normal Qty bar will disappear, preventing multiple Qty bars from displaying.

Bulk Discounts

If you offer discounts on bulk purchases, enter the discount per item in the Price Diff field (in step 3 of “Creating Your Quantity Options,” above). 

The Quantity to Order drop-down menu will now show the discount per item rather than the total discount for the quantity, so you may want to show the quantity totals in the description fields.

The cart, however, will show the discounted price for the bulk quantity.

⚠️  Good to know: make sure the product is not already set up for quantity discounts, as combining two of them may cause problems. See “Setting up a Quantity Discount” for more information.


Allowing customers to buy large quantities doesn’t have to be a pricing nightmare. By combining multiples of the same product into one bulk order, any changes you have to make after the initial setup is easy.

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