Product images are the icing on the cake of your item listings, and can make the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart! Images can be shown on category pages, in your cart, and on your homepage.

Important Note

For the best results, you should always save a product's basic information before adding images or videos. This will help ensure quick load times and fewer upload errors.

To upload a product image:

Go to Inventory > Products in your Admin Area.

Click on the product code of the product you're adding images to.

Under the Image Management section, click Add.

Click Choose File to find the corresponding image file.

If you need to change the size dimensions for each version of your image, click Advanced Settings.

Click Upload.

Repeat these steps as needed to add more images. You can Delete any unwanted images using the Delete button.

Smaller, Smarter Images

Digital camera technology has come a long way, so even the most basic cameras (including phone ones!) can produce images that are larger than you need for your storefront. Fortunately, Volusion automatically resizes product images when you upload them to your site, so there's no extra bandwidth or slow loading times caused by large images!

For more information, see Product Image File Names.

Image Quality

When you save a JPG image file, the editing application usually lets you choose an image quality.

For store photos, you can generally save to as low as 80% ("Very High") without any noticeable deterioration in image quality.

Product Image Zoom Feature

If you're resizing images for products, you may want to make the resized image as large as 1200px. Unless you've modified it, your store's default High Resolution Zoom Image (large) image size is set to 1200px. This ensures that when customers hover over a product image to "zoom in", the resulting zoom is much larger than the original image.

Protecting Your Images

Once you’ve made your storefront shine with great images, you can protect your hard-earned investments by enabling Protect Product Images in your Settings > Config Variables.

Now visitors who try to copy and save a photo by right-clicking on it will get a Sorry, Our Images are Copyrighted dialog box, and your images will remain protected.


uploading and maintaining great photos, you're sure to create a great shopping experience for your customers.

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