Product reviews are one of the resources shoppers trust most when they're researching new products and services. If your customers have helpful things to say about your products, even if it's constructive criticism or advice, we recommend turning on your store’s Product Reviews feature.

Once you start receiving reviews, the star ratings will show in Google search results for products that rank highly. Consequently, your products and reviews will have better visibility throughout the web.


Getting Started

Note: Customer Reviews are only available to merchants with a Volusion Professional Level or higher level plan.

Once you turn on product reviews, customers can post reviews for any product on your store directly from your storefront. You can view and manage these reviews in your Admin Area at Customers > Customer Reviews.

Turning Product Reviews On

There are two types of product reviews: customer reviews and order reviews. Before your can receive either type of product review, you must turn them on individually. If you turn on order reviews, customers who didn't review the product(s) they purchased will receive an email inviting them to do so by clicking a link that leads to the appropriate page. There is no difference between reviews submitted proactively and reviews submitted in response to automated request emails.

To turn on customer reviews:

  1. Go to Inventory > Products.

  2. Click the three-dot actions menu icon and select All Products Settings.

  3. Select the Enable Customer Reviews check box.

  4. Click Save.

To turn on order reviews:

  1. Go to Inventory > Products.

  2. Click the three-dot actions menu icon and select All Products Settings.

  3. Select the Auto Survey Email Enabled check box.

  4. In the Auto Survey Email After Number of Days field, enter the number of days you want to elapse after an order is shipped before your store sends the customer a review request email.

  5. Click Save.

How Customers Submit Reviews

Customers can submit product reviews for any active product on your store by going to its details page and clicking Write a Review below the description. If no reviews have been submitted, the link will instead say Be the First to Write a Review.

When submitting a review, a customer can provide their name, geographic location, a title, comments on the product or service, and a star rating.

When published, each review displays the rating, title, and comments near the bottom of the product's details page. The rating (between one and five stars) is an average based on all reviews the product has received. It displays just below the description.

Additionally, other visitors to the page can rate whether or not a review was helpful by clicking Yes or No. The total number of shoppers who rated a review as helpful displays above each review.

By default, reviews publish on the product's details page automatically unless they contain specific content configured in your filter. To remove a particular review, you must either delete it or deactivate it at Customers > Customer Reviews. To delete it, click its ID number and then click the Delete button.

To deactivate it, clear the Active check box.

Evaluating and Approving Reviews

You can evaluate all customer reviews, including those that the content filter has deactivated (see Review Content Filter below for more information), by going to Customers > Customer Reviews.

Each review contains the following data:

  • ID (a unique, automatically-generated ID number).

  • Product Code (the product code of the product reviewed).

  • Review Title (the title of the review, specified by the customer).

  • Rating (the rating the customer chose, from one to five, with five being the highest).

  • Customer ID (the account ID number of the customer posting the review).

  • Yes Helpful (the number of shoppers who have rated the review as "helpful." The default value is zero).

  • No Helpful (the number of shoppers who have rated the review as "not helpful." The default value is zero).

  • Active (If a review is active, it displays on the product's details page. Clearing this check box removes the review from your storefront, but not from your Admin Area. The check box is automatically selected whenever a customer submits a review, unless it contains content specified by your filter.)

  • Name (the name the customer entered. Note that this field doesn't have to match the name on the customer's account).

  • Location (if a reviewer chooses to specify a geographic location, it's listed here).

  • Review Description (the content of the review).

Review Content Filter 

Most customers can be trusted to express their opinions in a civil and appropriate manner, but for the occasional offensive or derogatory review, your store’s filter can hide any content you’ve defined as inappropriate.

Managing Word Filters

If the filter identifies a review as offensive, you’ll receive an email notification. In these cases, the review won’t be published to your storefront unless you manually approve it. To view the filters used to flag offensive reviews, go to Customers > Customer Reviews, click the three-dot actions menu icon, and select Word Filters.

Here, you can edit, add to, or remove items from the default list of offensive terms. Keep in mind that this list contains offensive language. If you add to the list of of offensive terms, be sure to only use alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers). If you add special characters as offensive terms — for example, quotation marks or apostrophes — you'll receive an error when you attempt to select the Offensive Reviews filter at Customers > Customer Reviews.

If you want to evaluate all reviews before they're published, you can add a few filter terms that would exist in any written review.* For example, you can add each vowel: A, E, I, O , and U. In effect, the filter will consider all reviews as offensive and hide them until you review and approve them, or delete them.

*Note that, although highly unlikely, it is possible that a customer may submit a review that doesn't contain any vowels. In this case, the review would not be filtered and would publish automatically. The only way to guarantee that all reviews are filtered is to create a filter term for every possible number, special character, and letter (not just vowels).

Approving Reviews

To evaluate filtered reviews, go to Customers > Customer Reviews. From the Filter menu, select Offensive Reviews. To approve a review so that it displays on the product's details page, click the ID number of the review you want to approve, make any appropriate changes, select the Active check box, and save.

Tips and Special Settings

Notes on Filtered Reviews

The content filter is not case sensitive. If any content within a review matches any entry in the filter word list, the review will remain hidden until you take further action. If the offending word appears as part of an otherwise acceptable word, the review will be hidden (for example, any review containing the word "scrapbook" would be filtered due to ID number 12 in the offensive word list). It’s important to regularly examine all filtered reviews in case your filters have inadvertently hidden a positive or inoffensive review.

In some cases, a customer might use offensive language in a positive review. You can decide whether to edit the offensive language and activate the review, it or leave it inactive or delete it. The decision to purge offensive reviews or edit and approve them is entirely up to you.


The Customer Reviews feature can add a sense of community to your store, as well as a new dimension of organic marketing and quality assurance for your products and services. The flexibility of the review system gives you complete control over how it’s implemented and lets you engage with customers in a meaningful way!

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