If you're not the only person managing your store, you'll need to grant administrator access to anyone else who needs access to your Admin Area. The Administrators page within your Admin Area contains all accounts registered with your store that have been granted administrative access.


Getting Started

You may notice how similar the Customers and Administrators tables are. This is because these are essentially the same table, except that Administrators will only display customers who have been given administrative access to your store.

The settings and functions within this table are identical to those found in the Customers table with a few exceptions. Because of this overlap, you can read "Customer Account Management" to get an in-depth overview of the general fields and functions available in this table.

You can access the Administrators page by going to Customers > Administrators.

Assigning Administrator Access

An Administrator is essentially a customer account that has been granted special privileges. By default, each store has a primary administrator account known as the Super Admin – typically Customer ID #1 within the Customers database table – and will have access to every portion of your store.

Note that customer accounts can only be granted administrator access by a Super Admin.

  1. Go to Customers > Accounts.

  2. Click Add to create a new customer account, or click on the CustomerID of the account to which you want to grant administrator access.

  3. In the Basic Customer Info section of the customer's account, select Administrator from Access Key drop-down menu and click Save.

  4. Below the Access Key drop-down, click the Edit Cust # Access Rules link to assign the account access to Database Tables and Admin Area Sections of your store. See our article on admin access rules for a full list of the access that you can assign here.

  5. You can assign all or some access rights to administrators by checking the options on the Administrative Access Rules page. Click Save when finished.

Once access options are chosen and saved, your new administrator will be able to log in to your Admin Area and access the pages that you assigned to their account.


Assigning all page and function access (the Check All box at the top of the Administrative Access Rules screen) to an administrator will effectively make that administrator a Super Admin.

For this reason, it is advised that you verify all account information before proceeding with this full access, to avoid granting administrator access to store customers or anonymous accounts. Exercise caution when giving other individuals full administrator access.


You can use the Administrators page to manage admin access as well as view a list of all active administrators within your store. Since the majority of functions on this page will redirect you to the Customers table in your Admin Area, you should review "Customer Account Management" for further information.

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