Disclaimer: We recently redesigned our Admin Area. Your store may look different than the one shown in this video, but most click paths were not affected.



You have complete control over your store’s review filters. You can review all content before it’s published to your site, or set up automatic filters to flag specific words. You can manage all customer reviews in your Admin Area at Customers > Customer Reviews.

For more information on enabling customer reviews, see our video called “How to Enable Customer Reviews”.

To view, edit, or delete a review, click its ID number. To remove a review from your storefront without deleting it, simply deselect the Active box and save.

Please be aware that the language filter located at Settings > Word Filters contains a default word list that you may find offensive. For this video, we’ve replaced it with a list of inoffensive words to demonstrate the functionality.

Any reviews that contain one or more words listed in the filter won’t publish to your storefront automatically. Instead, you’ll receive an email notification and the inactive review will appear in your main Admin Area list. To find blocked reviews, choose Offensive Reviews from the Filter drop-down. Now, only reviews with offensive words appear in the list. You can edit, activate, and delete these reviews as desired.

We recommend that you check the offensive review list periodically because the filter catches longer inoffensive words that contain shorter offensive words. You can remove words from the list, or add to it by clicking Add, typing the word or phrase, and saving.

Note that filter words are not case-sensitive. If you’d like to audit every review before it appears on your storefront, simply set up five new entries: one for each vowel – A, E, I, O, and U. The filter should then catch every review regardless of content.

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