Customers registered with your store have their information stored within the Customers table. From this central point, you can manage customer information, see an overview of customers, grant affiliate or administrator status and more!

Getting Started

To view the Customers table, log in to your Admin Area, and go to Customers > Accounts.

Creating a Customer Account 👋

Customer accounts can be created in a couple of different ways: from your storefront, by visitors or from the Admin Area by an administrator.

Note that any customer type, whether a customer, affiliate, or administrator, must have a customer account. The only exception is if you've configured your store to allow anonymous checkouts!

From the Storefront

There is typically a list of links near the upper-right corner of every page on your storefront, including a My Account link where customers can register or log in to their account.

From the Admin Area

You have the option to create any type of customer account right from your Admin Area:

  1. Go to Customers > Accounts.
  2. Click Add near the top of the page to create a new account.
  3. When you create a customer account, only the email address is required. All other settings are optional.*
  4. Select the account type from the Access Key drop-down menu.
  5. Once the appropriate account settings are configured, click Save.

For a full list of what each setting does on the Customers account page, see Customer Account Settings, below.

Quick note: if you have Members Only Browsing enabled on your storefront, you must enter a First Name and Last Name when you create a member account in order for Members Only Browsing to function properly!

Customers' Storefront Controls 🎛️

Each customer registered with your store has access to a series of controls to manage their own customer account. The My Account page is comprised of the following sections:

My Orders

Here, customers can review the status of their orders, view package tracking information (if available), edit their shipping or billing addresses, print invoices, change the quantities of products on order, or cancel orders (provided the order has not been locked or shipped). Additionally, customers can find information on return policies and procedures!

Personal Information

In this section, customers can manage their account settings such as email address, password, add or configure new billing and shipping addresses and opt out of automated mail campaigns.

Payment Settings

The Payment Settings section lets customers edit their credit or debit card information, view gift certificate balances, or apply gift certificates to their account by entering a 13 digit certificate code.

Affiliate Statistics

For affiliate accounts, clicking Visit My Affiliate Page will redirect the affiliate to a page containing their affiliate stats, which include the number of sales and commission values they or sub-affiliates should receive. Additionally, affiliates can generate banner ads to promote your store and obtain their unique affiliate URL.

Other Features

Additional features (if enabled) include the ability for customers to edit any review they've submitted as well as edit items on their wish lists.

Customers can also view their order status and obtain special order information such as downloadable products and product keys.

When finished, customers can Log Out of their account!

Customer Account Settings

To view an account's settings within the Customers table or Administrators table, click on the ID number of the account.

Each customer account has a variety of settings you can configure depending on the customer type or how you wish to manage customers. Note that not all fields need to be used, depending on the account type. To view the full list of customer account settings, please see Customer Settings.

Tips and Special Settings 🔨

Logging in to a Customer Account

If you need to perform a test or place an order for a customer, you can log in to any customer account by selecting the Customer’s ID from the Accounts table and clicking the Log in as this Customer button at the top of the Account Settings page.

You’ll be redirected to the storefront home page, where you can shop or interact with the store as that customer would.

When you’re finished, you’ll need to log back in as an administrator!

Why do some customer accounts look incomplete?

While browsing the contents of your store’s Customer Accounts table, you may notice that the contents of some customers’ accounts seem incomplete. Customer accounts only require a unique email address and ID number to exist. Settings within each customer account may or may not be configured, depending on the type of account or the way you choose to operate your store.

For example, if a visitor to the store enters their email address to sign up for a newsletter, but does not make any purchase, a customer account will be created with only the email address and ID number.


As a general rule, you should regularly compare your store’s Admin History with the Customer Accounts table to verify who has access to your store's Admin Area.


The Customers page allows you to track and manage all your customer information in one place. In turn, customers can log in to their accounts and manage their own information!

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